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Another newb from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AllllllR1, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. G'day all,

    Been reading the nr forum for a little while and finally decided to join and say hi, I have recently got my licence at 29 after many years riding dirt bikes and just upgraded from a cbr300 to a 15 R1 and have barely been off it since! Also a big fan of all two wheel racing including the TT which I went to last year...

    Anyway looking forward to hopefully meeting some new people to talk all things two wheels and to go for a ride with.
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  2. Gday and welcome, AllllllR1AllllllR1. You've ticked off a couple of big boxes with an R1 and a visit to the TT, congratulations!
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  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome :cool:

    Mmmm TT!
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  5. Welcome to the forum. Where are you from? Watch the ride and events section for planned rides in your area.
  6. Cheers, yeah I've done alright the last 12 months, TT was amazing I'm already working out how to convince the misses to get back for another!
  7. Cheers GeorgeOGeorgeO I'm from kogarah way, yeah will do
  8. Welcome and hope you don't come of it.
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  9. Cheers, so far so good it's surprisingly easy to ride, its more the self restraint that's challenging than anything else... I think I will take it to a few track days to open it up a bit
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  10. welcome aboard :)
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  11. As you probably know, it's very, very important to free-up the engine components of a machine like the R1 with a solid track-day thrashing...
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  12. Most definitely XJ6NXJ6N, a machine like the R1 needs to be set free in its natural environment... I'm sure I heard someone knowledgable say something about 'she wants to go faster' :cool:
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  13. All bikes do, except for HD's that just want to be louder!
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  14. It's just that you don't want it to be hearing your own voice with the prefix "Honestly, officer...".
  15. Welcome AllllllR1AllllllR1 and nice bike. There are a few of us here that do track days together at Eastern Creek so keep an eye out in the motorsport / track days area and get in on it. Its looking like the next one will be early June.
  16. Very true, Haha actually very similar to the cbr300 I had with a straight through pipe... HD in disguise!
  17. Yes I definitely don't want that speech to need to be used although 'she' couldn't care less!
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  18. Cheers icemakericemaker will do, need to sort a few things ie if I'm insured for track days but I'm definitely keen
  19. Welcome to NR....

    Awesome bike there and TT is on my to-do list as well.. One day!
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  20. Cheers mate,

    Yeah the TT was awesome although now I've been I def want to go again, I'd also recommend hiring a bike for the two weeks nearly everyone who goes rides in from Europe and half the circuit has no speed limit when it's a public road!
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