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Another New STR! (But mine's BETTER!!) :P

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Grumpy_Trumpy, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Another New Street Triple RRRRR in BLAZING Orange! (But mine's BETTER!!) :p

    So I've been pretty dorment on this forum for a while, but may as well post up some pics now that I've fianlly got something a bit better than my Ninja 2fiddy R!

    Picked it up a couple of weeks ago, absolutely rapt with it. Having a couple of problems at the moment as stated here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?p=1935426#post1935426

    Other than that, nothing detracts from what an amazing bike it is and how it just keeps suprising me with it's bag of tricks!

    Click on the thumbnails for a bigger pic! ;) Plates are off my last bike - not registered to anything at the moment, just on the bike for display - undecided if I want some European flavour on my BRITISH machine even though they were on the Ninja. Britian IS a little closer to Italy I suppose, so can't all be bad! Lol.

    Photos taken with Nikon D90 & Standard 18-50mm VR Lens.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. so why is yours better?
  3. Because it's actually mine... ;) :p

    And not yours! Lol

    Don't make me rush into buying new mods!! I'm trying to stay happy with what I've got for now. Not that i'll get bored with the bike, I just like wasting money! :p
  4. least mine hasnt got a KINKED rubber hose :D
  5. :(

    Not happy...

    Only upside so far is that the weather has been shit & dunno if it's an upside, but the abundance of aftermarket gear is starting to tempt me while I look forward to the next 2-4weeks bikeless! :|
  6. Nah I've seen better looking triples than this. This one's pretty average if you ask me ;)
  7. Must say, most will agree it's a tad better looking than even a modified Z7fiddy!!! BAhahahaha :p

    P.S: Please don't fill my lovely bike thread with your crap... just because your fuel tank is useless! Do what I said & stick it up on ya bloody bedroom wall!!!
  8. Pazzo as in crazy?
  9. Haha yeah mate that's it... Always been my forum call signs, etc. Dunno if I'm too mature for it now though!! :p Probably suits the 'hooligan' nature of the bike quite nicely though!!

  10. Glad for you, but I have to say that I have never been a fan of the "unfinished" look of the ST.
  11. Those twin HL's are an eye sore!!
    Anyway... wider bars and get rid of those high mount viewers for some bar enders will help!
  12. That eyesore is the Triumph calling card!
    I love it.
  13. Unfinished being NAKED!? Lol, what do you mean exactly? :-s

    I've found they are like Vegemite in my opinion, you either love them... or hate them! & I love them!

    But I HATE vegemite! :D:rofl:

    As for wider bars, you're not confusing them with the standard triple are you!? The R's have wider Magura bars, I can't imagine them being any wider, I may as well drive a cage! :p

    & Bar ends are on the list... either that or some lower height, slimline ones - dunno if I'm a fan of the barends!

    Ditto - they're shiny too! :p
  14. Thats awesome man, looks great!

    Im a huge fan of Nakeds too, im thinking of converting for my next bike too!!
  15. Dunno what you'd be looking at, but if Triumph is on the cards, I couldn't recommend it more! There are so many quality nakeds out there at the moment though - it just makes it harder to choose! :( If you've got the money to blow though, that makes things even harder! lol
  16. I'd prefer (a) the Daytona exhaust, (b) a single headlight, and (c) not having to buy it from Peter Bloody Stevens, but apart from that, nice bike!

    I think what attracts me is 105 bhp for only 189 kg wet weight, without being a peaky supersports. Must be a fast and manoeuvrable machine! I'd test ride one, but it would probably end up costing me $14,890 ... ;)
  17. Hahahah too true... I LOOKED at other bikes but only test road the Triple. I was pretty much sold on looks and specs alone before testing ANYTHING but the ride just sold it for me!! Unbelievable, and not even run in yet, I'm thinking I should start packing on some weight, because every free chance it gets, it just wants to spit me out & get the front wheel in the air!! :|

    I've also toyed with the idea of getting a wrecked arse end off a daytona (as the frame & everything is the same), so seat, rear tail, mid pipe & muffler & sticking it all on! :) Would be fairly costly though I imagine :( I may put some clip ons on though at a later date... that's kinda half way there! :p

  18. Sounds like a fun project for after the warranty runs out ... :p

    Have fun out on the road, and enjoy the torque - after riding a 250cc p-twin for any amount of time, I think you deserve it! :LOL:
  19. Oh, I C. I thought you were just a fan of their levers!

    Nice bike, I hope it gives you many years of fun & enjoyment :beer:
  20. Congrats on the bike quack_quack, I've always been partial to its bigger brother the Speed Triple, but the more I see a STRiple out there, the temptation to take one out for a run is harder to resist. I'll have to organise something soon.