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Another New Rider!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JZA, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    Just a brief note to introduce myself to the NR forum.

    I am 35 years old and I will be going for my L's in a months time (that's the earliest I can get in, seems like everyone is getting their L's in Vic!!!)

    Just want to say I have been reading the forums for 5 months and educating myself on absolutely everything (even on topics not relating to bikes!!!!...some of you guys are hilarious!!). NR is great and has help me soooooooooo much :grin: :grin: :grin: Thank you!!

    I am shopping for gear at the moment and if I come across the right bike I will literally jump on it!! :LOL:

    Cheers everyone
  2. Welcome to NR.
    Good luck with the L's.
    You're never to old :)
  3. Hey thanks 2wheelsagain,

    I keep telling myself that....ha! :LOL:
  4. Welcome (belatedly) to Netrider :).
  5. Yes hornet600......very belated :oops:

    Hopefully I can join in on some discussion and add some of my experiences now.

  6. Feel free to start your own :cool:
  7. Welcome JZA ..

    If yr up for a bit of a drive to get there ...


    I rang on a Friday and was tested on the next day (for my P's).. Great instructors .. I think since its in Hastings, not many people can be assed to drive that far .. but if ya want it quick, its worth the drive, and their testing methods are A1.

    Good luck .. cya on the road .
  8. Thanks Tim,

    I've already paid for the course so I'm committed. I'm in the western suburbs so it would've been a bit of a hike anyways.

    Never heard of them but good to know.

    Cheers bud
  9. I got mine at baylink. Hastings is only 30 misn from me so its ok.

    Good luck hey. Its easy as. and ur right..everyone in vic is getting their L's. Its always booked out for 1 month...lol funny stuff....alot of people get their l's and dont ride.
  10. Welcome to your new 'addiction' :p
    Stay Safe & Enjoy, only dogs with their heads out car windows know the truth as to 'why' we ride :wink:
  11. VCM ~ Hahaha!!! :LOL: :LOL: your not wrong bud, it is an addiction....its freekin nuts!!!! Its all I bloody think about. I seriously need to get it out of my system!!

    oohsam ~ Thanks mate....mate of mine said 7 people in his group failed the theory test...WTF?? It can't be that hard?....but he said some questions were not in the book!!! BTW how's the Hyo 250...I'm 6ft2, 90kg with long-arse legs and it fits and looks right on me I think :grin:
  12. mate im soon to be a new rider and i have the exact same thing.. cant get bikes outta ma head!!!!!!