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Another new rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Monda, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hi All

    Have been on the road for about 2 months, Wife and I purchased a couple of Bikes, hers CB250, mine VTR 250, having heaps of enjoyment from new interest. Live in Healesville so good amount of choices to go out and get experience.

    Enjoy the site, great information and stories for new riders such as myself

  2. Welcome Monda, here's to fun on the bikes !

  3. Hi Monda, Welcome to the forums!
  4. Thanks Jimi

    I think my Wife has been talking to your Girlfriend
  5. Welcome aBoard Monda. Stay safe out there.
  6. Welcome Monda and have fun on two wheels.
  7. welcome and see you out on the road matie
  8. Welcome to the forums Monda. Will we expect to meet you and your wife at sth bank on a friday night for coffee?
  9. welcome guys, all those twisties at your front door, lucky buggers..have you experienced Reefton yet?

  10. Hi Guys, wecome.
    I'm just around the corner from you . . . well Warby, must catch up sometime.
  11. Just popping in to say hello, as you did in my thread. Thanks!

  12. Hi Monda. Welcome to the forums and safe riding to you both. You live in a great riding area.
  13. Welcome to the forums Monda :)
  14. Welcome aboard Monda.

    Lucky you having the Black Spur virtually in your backyard. :)
  15. Welcome to the forums Monda.

    :D :D
  16. welcome to the forums monda
  17. Heya monda, hope you and your other half are enjoying it. Good riding man
  18. Welcom monda, hope you and your ladywill make it to coffee sometime soon.
    Keep the shiny side up.
  19. Hello and welcome :D Great to hear that you and your wife both like riding.

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  20. Hi All

    Thanks for the warm welcome, see you on the roads sometime