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Another new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Spiritech, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. G'day guys,

    I've recently picked up my learner's permit, and have been bitten by the motorcycling bug I guess. I decided to do the course and test because I drive a Holden Commodore every single day between 250 and 450km, so I'm hoping to replace my weekend driving with weekend riding eventually. I never thought I'd ride a motorcycle as my father was permanently disabled by a motorcycle accident in his early 20's, but driving so much has turned driving into work which isn't good for other parts of life.

    I've just signed all the paperwork on a Honda CB500X ABS brand new, I know a lot of people(including my learners instructor) say buy second hand for your first bike, but I will not ever purchase something without a warranty lasting at least as long as I plan to keep it. Plus I'm quite tall for a rider at 6'4" and I found most bikes just plain don't fit between pegs close to seat, seat too low, knee or hip angle too tight. Plus ABS can be hard to find on second hand bikes around me I found, and every safety feature is a necessity in my eyes.

    On the personal front I'm based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I'm a mobile locksmith and spend a lot of time on the road. I play cricket in the summer locally, and football in the inner suburbs through the winter, I plan to use my bike to commute to these, the bar at my sporting clubs will suffer for it.

    I plan to see my local training provider Ride Tek MTA whom I did my learner course with for further skills, and in the extensive lurking I have done over the past couple weeks I'd also like to attend the practise day in St Kilda occasionally once I have the confidence to ride that distance from home.
  2. Welcome Spiritech. If you post in the Saturday practice thread there may be someone from down your way who will escort you in.
  3. Welcome to the forum mate - and a lifetime of addiction!

    Nothing wrong with buying new - I did the same - if you are sure of what you want, can afford it, the warranty gives you piece of mind.
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  4. Welcome to the roads and to Netrider!
  5. Welcome mate, mobile locksmith huh? Hmm, you'll have to invest in some on-bike storage for your essential "locksmith kit lite" so you can ride to certain jobs as well
  6. Welcome to the forums, considering you will be with the same bike for 3 odd years buying new seems like a perfectly sane thing to do.
    The one thing I have found is after riding the bike to work every day, driving my VY SV8 feels just weird and wrong :) I feel like i'm way too low, almost like on a couch, and the car only revs to what 7/8 K.. The bike delivers on the thrills and excitement..
  7. Hi and welcome...Agree GeorgeOGeorgeO said. I also bought my bike new.
    Happy days :)
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  8. Congrats mate!

    I just picked up a New CBR500R ABS which is my first bike, so I get the buying new thing.

    Enjoy the riding and the Bike!
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  9. Hello and welcome to NR. I'm considering buying a brand new bike for my first one too, for the reasons you mentioned and simply because the couple I'm thinking of are not yet available second-hand (MT07 and CB300). So there are few of us who do get buying new thing :) Nice choice of a bike btw. Enjoy your ride :)
  10. Welcome to NR. Now it is time to put some kilometres on her.
  11. G'day Spiritech,

    I'm also out in the south eastern subs and would be keen to make a few Saturday morning rides early in the new year. If you're around I'll tag along for the trip in.

    Also, there's a street mode track day/intermediate levelish thing on at ride tek mid Jan which you may be interested in? (I just signed up to this myself)

    Anyway, ride safe, cya out there!
  12. Welcome aboard SpiritechSpiritech, it wont be long before a trip to Stkilda is just a warm up :]
  13. Chillibutton: Already priced the panniers for a purpose a little like that, perhaps for my birthday.

    multiplex3r: Looked into it while I was at the learner's course, a mate did it a while ago. Decided I'd like to get a bit more riding practise and structured training done first. I might ask Ride Tek if it's alright if I come down and watch for a while though if I have time.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  14. Welcome, and enjoy.
    There's plenty of us around the eastern side if you're looking for some rides.
  15. Don't forget you can get the controls moved around a little to make it even more comfortable. This is a pretty easy job to do yourself, but why not get the shop to do it when you pick up the bike? The really simple changes are moving the gear shifter and rear brake to suit your boots.
  16. Welcome to NR...

    I hope you Enjoy motorbikes as much as we all do here...

    Saturday practice is an awesome place to start. I'm in the south eastern suburbs as well so if you need someone to ride with you there, just ask.

    Have you got your riding gear sorted out?

  17. One of the major issues I had was seat height, even the 500x I have both feet planted firmly on the ground easily, and pegs on most bikes felt far too close to the seat. I felt like a circus bear on most bikes in the store.

    As to gear, I have a pair of gloves and a servicable helmet from motor racing, I may just replace it anyway, plan to hit AMX tomorrow for some boxing day savings hopefully, and the bike should be ready to pick up either Saturday or Monday.
  18. welcome to nr
  19. Welcome Spiritech

    I agree with buying new! Except for my first bike the last 3 were all purchased brand new.
  20. I also bought a Honda 500 new and have no regrets buying new. I don't think with my lack of mechanical ability I will ever stop buying brand new.