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Another new rider on the streets - Finally!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shaggy, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Hey everybody!

    I've been lurking for a while killing time until I finally bought myself a bike and now that I have picked up my baby bandit 250 I thought I'd come out of the shadows and say hello!

    I thought I might share a bit of a story about my first week of owning a bike... Sorry if this gets long and rambling. :eek:

    I picked up the bike last week from one of the dealers on Elizabeth St here in Melbourne on Wednesday afternoon and was heading out of town and managed to get all the way to Spencer St (for those of you not from Melbourne that's about 5 city blocks) before the bike stalled when pulling up to the lights :(

    Feeling very embarassed and a little nervous as it's the first time I've been on the road on a bike in about 6 years I tried to get it going again. 10 minutes later I finally got the bike started again and thinking it must've been something I did to stall it I continued on my way and got to the next set of red lights (about another 5 blocks) and, you guessed it, it died on me again!

    Obviously not very happy at this stage I finally made it to me destination.

    So on the Friday I rang the shop I bought it from and they said to bring it back in and they'd take a look, probably some dirt in the fuel or something. I though cool, I can do that... meanwhile in the back of my head is running the thoughts that I've bought a lemon.

    So I tried to start it on the weekend and it wouldn't even fire up. So here I was with no running bike on the first weekend of owning it :(

    Lucky for me the guys at the shop managed to organise someone to come and pick up the bike in a ute today and they had it back in the shop all of 2 hours before they rang and told me it was all fixed and ready to be picked up!

    Turns out the carbies had dirt in them and they put a new set on and the bike is purring like a kitten (well as much as a 250cc four cylinder engine can sound like a kitten when revving at 17,000 rpm!)

    Anyway now that I have my bike and it's finally working I hope to catch up with some of you out there on the roads! :LOL:
  2. Good to hear the problem's all sorted. Hope you have fun out on the roads, the bandit's a great little bike.
  3. damn when you get a bike from a dealer you want it to be good right away! well at least its sweet as now....

    congrats buddy!
  4. would of thought they would of serviced all that before they would of sold it to you?

    Good to see all is well now though
  5. Watch out for this bloke, he sounds dodgy.

  6. Thanks for the welcome!

    I think they did service it but there could've been dirt in the tank / lines that caused the problems...

    Anyway I'm just glad that I decided to pay the extra money to buy the bike from a dealer to allow me the luxury of taking it back and getting them to fix it under warranty.

    Oh and Loz, I did another accidental crap wheelie on the way in this morning just for you! :twisted:
  7. Strike 1 for your bike.

    I have a 3 repair policy on all vehicles. If it breaks 3 times, even if onee of those is a puncture, wworn tyres or brakes, i replace it. Working beautifully for the past 15 years. Use same policy on wife's car.

    I have never paid for a service or tune on my own cars, because i save all of that money and use it to upgrade. So i spend 2 or 3kk per year on upgrades i am drivng a new car now and havent spent anymore money than regular servicing/depreciation costs on any car would ahve cost me.

    Keeping vehicles and servicing and maintaining them is crazy if you ask me.

    BTW Welcome and congrats :)
  8. :shock: :?
  9. :shock: Good luck selling your bike on Netrider later after a post like that. Seriously do you at least change the oil or do you just buy a new bike every 5000kms to save money :roll: .
  10. Hmmm, I'd never buy anything off someone that never services their vehicles. I assume, if you never pay for anything on your cars, that you buy from dealers, so you are getting screwed anyway.
    I doubt you have taken into account the cost of transfer of registration every 12 months or less etc. No bloody wonder some cars/ bikes are heaps of shit at 50,000kms........
    Seems like a pretty irrational way to justify buying new toys all the time, me, I just say I want it and go get it. I don't need to justify spending money that I earn.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I have never kept anything longer than 12 months. My bike MIGHT need an oil change before i sell it, but i doubt it. It had a service done 2 seeks before i bought it. The bike is more of a toyy than cars, it may geet some special treatment - eg i had the forks done this week. But if the brakes go and then a clutch then the bike goes. I am not forgiving with cars, 3 repairs and they are gone.

    I have only just bought the bike, i wont so 5000kms on it, i dont ride enough.

    Wifes car get the service according to the book.

    LOL - why do i need to justify ANYTHING? lol. I am tipping that all of my gear is an as good a nick as anyone elses, i do not abuse my gear - if i break it i fix it properly. But i dont just go around spending money.

    My upgrade costs are equal to servicing and maintenance and depreciation cost, or ever so slightly over for every 2nd orr 3rrd car. I include the cost of reg transfer as a cost of owning and selling that vehicle, but not actual rego or insurance. So transfer is a cost i make sure recoupe.

    I spend a lot of time looking for the right cars too, i dont go an pay dealer dealers prices.