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Another New Rider on (L)unatic plates

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Cruisee73, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Keep getting that "It looks like you haven't made a post yet... why not take a minute to make your first post and introduce yourself to the community" thing so I figure I'd say g'day.

    Started riding on the road on my Yam XVS650 Custom less than a week ago. First bike, first time riding apart from my Learner's course. Bloody loving it. I live in the upper Blue Mountains and these after market pipes are certainly hard to miss.

    Already getting into the whole nodding at other bike rider thing. Real sense of fraternity. Even the posties ;)

    Been reading the new rider articles on here. Very informative and much appreciated.

    See you on the road.


  2. Nice one mate - and welcome (y) (I'm relatively new here too)

    The XVS650 is a awesome first ride - enjoy and be safe.
  3. i know exactly what you mean, can't help but nod at every rider i pass. We're in a league of our own. Cagers have no idea what their missing :D
  4. Good choice of bike C73. I did my L's on a XVS 650 and still riding it years later. Great bike. Sometimes get out to Bell's, Darling Causeway, katoomba loop. Ride safe and enjoy every moment.
  5. *nods*

    Welcome C73 - I'm a Learner on a XVS650 Classic, just riding to work makes me smile!
  6. welcome to NR, nice choice of bike to start off on, enjoy the ride, and keep smiling!!
  7. I don't want to make this a nodding thread (God forbid!!), but I find myself nodding even when I'm driving my car!!
  8. welcome C73,
    I am fairly new in riding too.. soon will be going for my Ps, & yeah I know the nodding thing.. Its always a different feeling that you are in a different league than the CAR drivers. We are da Superiors.......:)
    good luck with ya ride mate.

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    Welcome aboard.

  10. Welcome to the forum, plenty of advice and friends here!
  11. Welcome to NR.

    I assure you most of us nod. Some of us to say hi, others cause they're so old they're fallin asleep!