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Another new rider Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by arkle, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Hi I'm Steve. I live in Bridgewater in the Adelaide Hills (lucky me).

    I've been riding bikes since I was 16 when I started commuting to work on a 50cc Honda Karen Melody Deluxe. It wasn't the most manly bike at the time, with a turquoise and white fairing, tiny wheels, a basket on the front and a top speed of only 37 kph, but it did manage 2.7 l/100km!

    These days I ride a CBR1000RR. And no, it doesn't have a basket. :)

  2. Welcome, we are becoming a force, well maybe not but nice to see another crow eater on board.
  3. Welcome to NR , Steve !
  4. Well we just keep the skirt wearing easterners honest
  5. welcome steve
  6. Hello BTW Steve. Bridgwater is a nice place to have a Shack. Easy access to all the good roads. What would we your favourite at the moment? I've given gorge a miss recently because of the camo pricks, but have been hitting up lobethal/basket range a fair bit. So much in fact I've even managed to drag a knee for the first time on the MV (not the first time I've dragged a knee, just the first time on the MV) really starting to get comfortable with her. What year cbr1000rr do you have? We should all arrange a meet the greet and nice ride. Perhaps from the amberlight
  7. Thank you all.

    Camo pricks RRdevil? Do you mean police or squids? Well done on dragging your knee MV-style! I've never dragged a knee. Not that I'm slow; I've just never felt the knee-d. :)

    My CBR1000RR is a 2007 model (the last of the good-lookers in my opinion) bought new by the previous owner in September 2008. I bought it earlier this year with only 7,500 km on the clock so it looks like it's come straight out of the showroom. In the past I've had a VFR750, two 955i's and a Street Triple but nothing compares to the power of the CBR. The engine is like something out of a science fiction movie.

    I'm up for a meet and greet when the weather isn't quite so shite. There's moss everywhere on the roads up here at the moment. The Basket Range/Forest Range road you mentioned is a good one (we cyclists call the area "Little Italy"), also the road between the top of Greenhill Road (Woods Hill Road - Ashton - Marble Hill) and Montacute is superb, also the roads around Mount Pleasant, also Wellington Road between Mt Barker and Woodchester.

    Where is the amberlight?
  8. Lobethal
  9. The camo pricks that @RRdevil@RRdevil referred to are the hidden and camouflaged speed cameras that are now/still being used up in the hills.
  10. They sound like crap. Do the police issue warnings for them ahead of time or are they just hidden?
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    Last edited: Jun 15, 2014
    Just hidden , Steve . Normal speed cameras locations can be found on the SAPOL website - speed camera locations - but that won't include any hidden cameras. Similar to what VicPol have been using on the Reefton and Black Spur's - there's a thread here somewhere showing what they look like. I wasn't aware it was happening here until recently when a little birdy informed me of it. ( see post https://netrider.net.au/threads/adelaide-hills-operation-safe-hills.174248/ ) . I knew that they were hiding cameras , just didn't know they were using camo netting as well. I'll see if I can find the link to that other thread but might take a while. Regards , Jon.
  12. Are these camocams operating full time? Or are they a weekend thing?
  13. The (ahem) officer I was speaking with said that it was mostly a weekend thing and mostly around the eastern hills but did say that they have been known to venture further south ie Strathalbyn area. One of my mates got pinged from one on the top end of Greenhill Rd ( Balhannah end ) back in early March - luckily not going too far over.
    Bottom line is , try not to be too paranoid , but watch your speed on the major routes - particularly weekend and public holidays , save it for the lesser known stuff.
  14. Yes we should , T !! Perhaps we should even discuss trying to get a regular ride happening , even if it's just once a month ?
  15. Can do, mine will be pretty irregular though considering my 24/7 work regime. I'll work on a couple ideas to get some routes organised so there's some variety.

    Would help to know what days people in SA are available for. I'm also planning a weekend trip down south.
  16. Yes , I know that makes it hard , likewise with me working 7 days a week , but at least my weekends are free during the day.
  17. Pfff it looked like a nice morning so I went out in the Hills and had some fun. :) What a ride. Like negotiating a 45km obstacle course in a cyclone. And there is moss everywhere. The off-slip to the top of Eagle on the Hill is now fully-surfaced in a layer of bright green chlorophyll.
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  18. Sounds like good hazard perception / avoidance practice !! ( and sphincter control practice !! ) . :eek: