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Another new ride!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tonee, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. The GSXR-1000 found its new owner on the weekend, the bike was not used for what it was born to do instead taking me to Uni and work.

    I've always wanted something comfortable with a V-twin engine but there aren't many out there with an affordable price tag to choose from.

    So here's my new "Old man's"(what my friends call it) bike, the VFR 800


    This machine is beautiful, not fun as the GSX-R but it really reminds me why I rode at the start. My first learners bike, the ZZR250, introduced me to the feeling of freedom, open to nice fresh air, relaxation and comfort. Most of that disappeared when I got the CBR600 and then the GSXR1000. Now realising that I'm not much of the adrenaline and fast rider but rather the comfortable and relaxing type, and the VFR800 meets all of the requirements for a pleasurable ride.

    Everything about this bike is smooth and graceful. From the ride suspension to banking through a corner. Not as powerful as a super sports but very comfortable in traffic for commuting, which is what I need it for.
    I don't track nor go hard up the mountains, my license and life are too valuable to risk. So after 4 bikes I think this ones a keeper until I get a real job I'll get myself a fun weekend/track bike for doses of adrenaline.
  2. Nice bike! Here I did your a favour :p

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  3. Haha cool thanks mate

    I'm guessing you're keeping the gix now?
  4. looks good mate, ive had a think about these, gotta see where the riding takes me!

    i like that you've gone back to what you first enjoyed :)
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  5. Nice looking bike, I was thinking of getting one of the late 90s ones once i'm off LAMS
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  6. Nice clean example of a Viffer - is that the 5th Gen?
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  7. Good onya tonee and congrats on the 'new' bike purchase.
    Very sound decision with your choice, and at the end of the day, it's all about the smile it puts on YOUR face. Enjoy the new beast !
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  8. Pretty fancy bike for a uni student! :)

    I totally dig what you're saying, especially the part about being reminded of what it felt like when you first rode. We get so sophisticated and picky as we develop and in the process we - meaning me, but I suspect most others too - tend to lose something, that simple capacity to find utter joy in the riding itself, even on a 2hp shitbox.

    And yeah, screw adrenalin. It's for monkeys. Let us be gentlemen of the road.
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  9. No I think it's the 6th gen
  10. Yeah keeping the gixxer, so frustrating not riding it but not long left now...
  11. Good choice tonee their great bikes a little bit of everything,stay safe have fun.
  12. Thanks peeps!

    Riding with netrider and peers distracted me to getting on those sexy and loud race rockets. Breaking my balls on them was rather to impress others than myself. Don't get me wrong those bikes are beautiful, so I can't wait to get hands on one for the track =]