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another new old guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pops, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Evening folks just signed my life away to come and yack to all of you. My name is Pops ride a 98 road king being riding on and off since the 1960,s I am looking forward to making a lot of freinds and in for the long hall. I am a member of a few other forums but this site was recommended to me by others

    Cheers Pops

  2. another 60-year old, welcome pops :)

    if it hadn't been for the 70-year-old who signed up last night, you and me would be the second-oldest people here :LOL:.
  3. Hi Hornet I reckon anybody who is still riding at 70 is going good. Hope these younguns in here respect age, dementia and ol fart silliness. :grin:
  4. Well, they get plenty of all three from me :LOL:

    Brian26146 is now 63 (that's his birthday) he lives down in Gippland, and the 70 year old guy who signed up last night has a Suzi GS-500 but he's bugging his son to let him ride his Hayabusa :LOL:.
  5. this thread has old man smell :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: jks

    welcome pops
  6. Hey Goz what in heck is old mens smell.....me I wear deoderant and aftershave even though I dont shave.
  7. Hi and welcome Pops

    Good to see a few more mature (ahem) riders to help keep the young whippersnappers in line.

    As to the smell, if you don't shave wouldn't that be pre-shave rather than after shave?
  8. I suppose so GreyBM but seeing as I would need a degreeser to remove beard I think aftershave is still the way to go. :p :p
  9. Welcome Pops !!
  10. Welcome Pops :)
  11. Hey whipper snappers , go to a track day and see who the front runner are when the helmets come off LOL :grin:
  12. we'll always be those F*&%#@@# kids hahaha

    welcome anyway