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Another new member....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tommop1983, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Hey Everybody,

    I just thought i should drop a quick hello to everyone here being that I havent posted before (well not that I'm aware of)...I signed up a while ago but I'm not an active poster.

    My name is Tom and im a 25yo 2nd time L plater from Box Hill, VIC.

    I am one of the lazy few who let their Learner Permit expire and later regretted it and had to re-start the whole process.

    The first time round I had a ZXR250 (from sumoto...dramas galore) which I sold and bought an RGV250...'twas greatest toy i've ever owned but like all great toys I broke it, destroying 2nd gear and the clutch on warrigal rd resulting in a lonngg fishtail over 3 lanes to the gutter.

    anyhoo im picking up my third bike tommorow (another ZXR250) this one hopefully isnt a lemon and doesnt slap my face for wanting to chose my own gears.

    That's pretty much it for my rant but i have to throw a big thank you to all of you for the hours of information ive already gained from this forum. I hope to see you all out on the streets again soon!


  2. Welcome. No better day to be picking up a bike. Glorious weather tomorrow :)
  3. Welcome indeed. The joys of two-strokes, I well remember, but you definitely DO get a quieter life with two more stokes :LOL:.
  4. ....well all i can say is TYPICAL from mechanics that the bike isnt ready when promised.

    Its a beautiful weekend and I'm not going to let this spoil it. I've decided if the bikes not ready Monday I'll be taking it as a bad omen (as if this isnt one already) and finding another bike.

    take care guys!

    and yeah i miss that two stroke smell/power haha
  5. Hi Tom

    Welcome to NR
  6. Welcome to Netrider Tom :)