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Another new member!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Skywings, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    Long time scooter rider newbie motorcycle rider. Actually I just got my motorbike licence the other day, yeah! no more 50cc scooters for me. All I need to do now is get a bike.

  2. Nice One! ;)

    So what kinda bike you gonna get?
  3. Welcome Sky, good to see more scooter riders upgrading to a safer machine
  4. Hi there Sky! :)

    My message isn't too short now, is it? :cool:
  5. Most likely some thing Japanese and naked. Mmmm..... Japanese..... naked.... *drools*. There are a couple of kawasaki's that seem to be at the right price. I'll prolly go hunting this weekend.

  6. yes I must admit I rather fancy naked Japanese myself ;)....I'm soon to be looking at Z750's I think
  7. that's one of the three on my short list.

    And WELCOME SKY!!!!!!
  8. That was what I was thinking. Only a fool will tell you it is safe to be travelling at 60km/h on a 70km/h road. I just got tired of cars treating me like as if I'm on a push bike. And other bike rider wonder why many scooter rider don't wave back, it not that we're up ourselves, it just that we're trying very hard not to get killed and on a 50cc that no easy feat.

    Well that enough ranting,
  9. Dont expect much more respect from cagers when you get a proper bike.
  10. Welcome sky, to the forum with the mostest. Enjoy.
  11. Well I thought it was about time I looked at this forum as well, only to find some familar users! (Howdy to skoota & greenguzzi)

    Been riding 25yrs currently on a 95 RF900 - enough torque to get into and out of trouble! Ride with CMA NSW.
  12. Welcome sky, good to see another new face around the forums. I hope you can become an active and happy member. Be sure to fill out your location details aswell. I'm sure groberts will be along soon to invite you along to Coffee night!

  13. Hi there and welcome Sky.

    :grin: :grin:
  14. Welcome Skywings, and congratulations on getting your licence ;)


  15. Well we all have our vices. ;) :p :grin:

    I prefer my Japanese with clothes on (Yammy FZR :D) and my Brit's naked (Trumpy Speed Triple).
  16. Hi Doddles, good to see you here finally!
  17. I've always felt the Japanese are better naked. All my bikes have fitted that description.
  18. Congrats on getting your licence Sky and welcome to the forum :)
  19. Welcome to the madness Sky.

    Hope your bike hunting goes well :)