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Another new member!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PomPom, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Hello :)
    I'm new here, from little old Tassie! I had my license a few years ago but had a nasty accident, and have only recently found the courage to get back up and dust myself off! So starting out relatively new again, onwards and upwards!!!

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  2. Hi good to see that your back on the bike. Im sure there are a few of us in here in the same position as you. I spent a month in hospital after my big stack. Spent a lot of the time working out what bike I was going to buy as soon as I was better. What bike are u riding ?
  3. Welcome to NR PomPomPomPom , glad to see you've decided to give riding another crack.

    I keep getting told that the roads in Tassie are amazing to ride with lots of twisties & critters to keep you on your toes..

    One of these days i'l make it over there solo or on a group ride.

  4. welcome back to riding PomPomPomPom - good to see you back on two wheels - my husband had a bad accident 10 months ago (4months in hospital) he is back riding and in fact just bought a new bike - just goes to show you that nothing beats the feeling of riding - like JayteeJaytee I would love to ride the roads of Tassie - have driven them but it is not the same - make sure you post some pics of your rides to make us jealous;)
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  5. Welcome back...

    As you can see....this riding thing is highly addictive...

    As Jaytee said...one of these days I'm going to make it there on my bike. Been there a few times in the car but... Wanna go back on bike...
  6. welcome aboard :] & welcome back :]
  7. Hello, welcome, and well done on getting back on the saddle.

    Nice choice on your learner ride too. I, too, served out my restrictions on a homoerotically-named Suzuki cruiser (Marauder in my case).
  8. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction!
  9. Hey guys!
    Thank you for the warm welcome :)
    I ride a little Suzuki Intruder as I'm only a shortass at 5'3. I used to ride a ZZR but even that left my feet dangling a bit! When I eventually get my P's, I'd love to get a little Duke390, not sure if they can be lowered much though? On my learner's test I rode a Ninja which had been lowered a significant amount because I couldn't fit on the others! Even their stock standard XS gloves were miles too big!!
    Yes our roads here in Tassie are beautiful, especially around Sheffield way! I'm a keen mountain climber so can't wait to zoom around the mountain bases!! :)
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  10. Welcome PomPom.
    My first stint riding was around the Devonport/Port Sorell/Sheffield area. Great roads for twisties up around Forth too.

    I used to ride to Cradle Mountain, park at Dove Lake just to do the Marions Lookout walk and then ride home. Highly recommended.

    Another good ride is towards Frenchmans Cap.

    Just be cautious of the gravel on the shoulders around that way... lost my baby blade there (and probably a few brain cells at the time) but couldn't stop going back. :)
  11. Welcome PomPomPomPom. Great part of the world for riding!