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Another New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RaNGA93, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    (each time I have to do one of these I always find it hard, not that I don't know the information. Just what I think is even relevant)

    Ok then,

    I'm Brad, I'm 20 years old. I have a 95 Suzuki across and have been riding for only a few months.

    Before i got my P's in my car I wanted to get my car P's and bike L's as soon as I turned 18, once I got my P's the bike L's kinda took a back seat, Did think about it on and off( mainly when colleagues got their L's) and then a few months ago, 12+ months after I had last thought about getting my L's I just decided that I wanted a bike so I booked it in and that is pretty much it.

    just my little bit of history.

    I am an apprentice welder and fabricator and will be making a ventura type rack for my bike as soon as I get it back from the mechanic

  2. welcome Brad! I hope you have lots of safe and enjoyable motorcycling :) post pics up of your rack when it's done, I've been on the lookout of for a rack I like (no luck yet).
  3. Welcome to NR Brad!
    Ditto here on the rack, be interested to see how it turns out...
  4. I'm going to start designing it soon (once I get my bike back) I'm still looking at designs and will interpret and build to suit, I'm curious what you mean by a rack that you like, would you like to explain this
  5. Welcome to the (Net)ride :)

  6. Some racks I don't like the look of or the design wouldn't suit what I'd need it for. Racks can be pretty expensive, so I'm reluctant to commit to a particular product when I'm not totally happy with it. Basically, I've been looking at racks, getting ideas, and maybe one day down the track I'll be able to con my handy brother into building me one.
  7. Welcome Brad(y)
  8. thanks to all