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Another new member in SE Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Dazzler, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all, What a great resource this forum is.

    I've had my L's since Feb but hadn't ridden 'cos I didn't have a bike.
    As you'd appreciate I went looking for the most powerful 250 I could find on Ebay, Trading Post, etc, CBR-R, ZX-2R, FZR-R, all imports and all @$4K.
    I then found this forum and read about the VTR250, no one had a bad word about it (except the lack of a 6th gear).
    I found a guy through my rider school who went by the title "the mad biker" . Brett came out with me to test and select several bikes, because quite frankly I knew sqat!! He saved me from buying trouble, no doubt in my mind.
    I had never been to this site before, but found it by doing a Google search for VTR250. That's how I first learned how much owners LOVE them. I also found a used VTR250 in the Netrider classifieds, inspected it with Brett, and bought it that night.

    So now I'm officially a bike rider, and loving it.
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. G'day Dazzler, welcome to the world of motorcycling and Netrider! Great choice of bike :wink:

    Have to admit i have searched for sixth gear once or twice but they dont really need it.
  3. hi and welcome to NR
    now if it is the bloke im thinking of he is the one who done my learners back in feb...ridtek

    i have never been good with remembering names but he aint a bad bloke and sounds like you done well with the bike you chose
  4. From one newbie to another... welcome!
  5. Yep, it was with the help of this forum that informed me of the great VTR250. Have owned mine just over a year now, and still love it !! sensational bike !

    and Welcome !! :grin:
  6. :WStupid: :grin:
  7. Welcome.

    Nice choice of bike. And I think you have found what most of us here have found, whatever bike we're riding.

    If we are riding we're loving it.
  8. hi and welcome might see you around as you in our neck of the woods
  9. Welcome, Good move to get advice from someone more experienced.

    Does that mean your upgrade will be a VTR1000?

    I ride a Honda and love it.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome.
    Riding every day for fun not necessity, getting more comfortable alongside traffic (still not splitting though).
    Not yet thinking of a bike upgrade, having enough fun as it is.
  11. good.
    the bike works then :grin: