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Another new Melbourne rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TigerMoth, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone, Tim here. I'm another who is getting back on two wheels after a break - I used to ride to uni on an early GPX250. I'm getting a scooter instead of a bike for now, it was easier to get the other half to approve of. I'll be on a Honda Silver Wing, and plan to use it to commute from the eastern suburbs to Melbourne CBD for work.

    If I'm welcome, I'd still like to join the Saturday practice sessions in St Kilda while I get used to riding again.
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  2. Always welcome, new riders are..
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  3. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR...

    As above, you're always welcome to the Saturday practice sessions...

    It will be much easier to fit a cake Into a scooter as well...just sayin'. ;)
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  4. Welcome to the forum!
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  5. welcome aboard :)
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  6. Welcome :cool:
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  7. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
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  8. Welcome,
    I commute from Eastern Suburbs to Melbourne CBD most days. If you ride south down Hoddle Street, there is some good information on this site re the Bus Lane trial etc..
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  9. Welcome Tim!
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  10. Welcome to the forum, enjoy the knowledge, wisdom and wise cracks you are bound to encounter during your stay...
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  11. Cheers for the welcome wishes everyone! I picked the scooter up on Saturday (alas, too late in the day for the practice session), but had an enjoyable ride home anyway. I'll try and get along to practice next weekend.

    What's this about cake? :)

    GC - Thanks for the info re Hoddle St. Still haven't worked out whether going Hoddle St or Alexandra Pde will be best - have to get across to Docklands.
  12. What's this about cake? :)

    BRING CAKE !!!!!!
  13. Aloha & welcome.
    Stay on two wheels and learn how to tour... It's worth it! ;)
  14. you never wink at me
  15. Don't steal TigerMothTigerMoth thunder.
    You, uncle greguncle greg get hugs... And cake. :rolleyes:
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