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Another New Melbourne Rider - Hi NR!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jezsmith, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Like others, I've been lurking around NR since I started thinking about getting my mbike L's some time ago.

    My interest in bikes only really hit me when my best mate got his L's and picked up a neat second hand Hyosung GT 650 a couple of years ago (I'm a bit of a late-bloomer seeing as I'm 24 now). From that moment I have been hooked on naked bikes, primarily cafe racers but also streetfighters and the like. I love the idea of crafting my own racer one day.

    I moved from Tassie late last year and now live in Chadstone, one of Melbs great SE 'burbs. Got my L's at HART last month and I am now a proud owner of a black 2010 Honda CB400 and I'm loving this machine.

    I'm eager to get some good riding hours in to build up the confidence/experience and start commuting into work (I work in the CBD). I'm also plan to get back down to Tassie this year to ride the familiar but amazing Tassie roads with my mate. Should be a very exciting first tour!

    So enough about me, thanks for being a wealth of knowledge so far - I've been secretly absorbing heaps of info from NR! Now I'm keen to discuss bikes and get involved in the NR community. Cheers!
  2. Hi & welcome to NR jez.
    Get yourself down to Saturday morning practice, That will build up confidence. :)
  3. Welcome! Saturday mornings are a must, so beneficial even if you only get out for a few brief laps!
  4. Welcome, lots of us newbies lately it seems :)
  5. another noob in Melbourne

    another CB400 rider

    another day on Netrider :LOL:

    Welcome to riding, mate, and get yourself off to the Saturday meets and learn stuff!!!!
  6. Thanks all. I'll definitely be making it to the Sat meets.

    Haha. I guess it might be strange to get so many newbies over the winter period? Maybe we're all just dreaming of (and preparing for) summer? Or maybe we're sick of Metro's punctuality or lack there of.

    For me, its a mixture of both. And learning is all conditions is preferred.
  7. Contrary to complaints about winter from people trying to SELL their bikes, people do seem to buy and get into riding when it's cold and wet..... :)

    Happy learning..
  8. Welcome to NR :)
  9. Welcome to NR, As above Saturday practice sessions are gold. Hook up with [MENTION=37850]Portagrug[/MENTION] who also is lives in Chadston area you may be able to ride in together. I fyou not comfortable on the road yet you can also ask for an escort to get you in to practice on the Saurday sessions. Dont worry most of them dont bite and it really does make you a better and safer rider.
    HEre the link https://netrider.net.au/forums/showpost.php?p=2015398&postcount=1
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  10. More of us are popping up in Melbourne, welcome! :)
  11. I've had a little bit of road riding exposure but definitely have the need to get some Saturday morning practice. Thanks for the link Aussieak.

    As I've only been in Melb since Feb, travelling about is more like an adventure as I don't know where half the places are yet. But that can be half the fun :D

    I'll see if I'm free this Saturday. Thanks again.
  12. Don't worry you can't possibly get lost as much as I do. I've only been here a month! :D

    There are loads of us newbies along on Saturday!
  13. Welcome to NR! (y)
  14. Welcome. Good to hear NR is being useful to you.

  15. Hey.. i know its last min... didnt see the mention.. Thanks Aussieak..

    PM with details for tomorrow morning will be there shortly.
  16. Hi and welcome to NR
  17. good choice on the cb400 and welcome to netrider mate - stay safe - and remember...every other road user IS out to kill you !
  18. That's the way,, scare 'em off before they've even started!
  19. Welcome bloke
  20. Welcome to NR jezsmith.

    Late bloomer eh? Well I was 45 when I started riding, so 24 is still a young whipper snapper to me.

    Enjoy, and stay safe.