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Another new L plater

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hazard121, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Hey guys n girls...im new here...ive just recently gotten my motorbike L's and probly will go for my P's very soon..Ive had about three years prior experience riding motorcross bikes but i felt it was time to move onto the road (plus i turned the required age)..anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for the type of bike i should look for? i was told one with no farings is best because of the chance that the bike could be dropped. Im after something that has a bit of fun but isnt gunna cost heaps in maintinence and repairs

  2. Welcome hazard121. Naked is cheaper in repairs and insurance but the final choice will be yours . Sit on them all and get a feel of what suits you .
  3. Wellcome to netrider!!

    Naked bikes are cheeper to insure but CAN be actualy more expensive to fix (all depends on things that get broken!! and who fixes it!!) :p

    If you have expiriance riding off road and have expiriance with off road bikes I would sugest an Enduro?? bike... basicaly a bike that can be both on and off road... I think you will find such a bike familiar and easier to use...

    any way that is my 2cents...
  4. Welcome El Hazard!

    Can recommend the Across - and that's not just influenced by the fact I have one for sale!!! hehe

    I have found it an excellent bike and heaps of fun - despite all the bagging they get from the plebs here on netrider :p It is a full fairing bike rather than a naked, but is has proven extremely tough and reliable, and I haven't damaged the fairings to need repair, so cannot comment on expense fo fixing them.

    ...my 2c woprth! :)
  5. Welcome hazard from another newbie, I have a naked Honda 250, great for learning on the road and tough as nails
  6. have a search and you'll find alot of info, you didn't mention your budget for the bike, what is it? welcome to the forum :)
  7. Welcome@!!

    May i suggest the Honda Spada!! :wink:
  8. welcome mate. if you go naked get a vtr. if you want a good all round bike a zzr250 is great. but at the end of it all its up to you. buy what you most like and feel comfy with. and whatever you do DONT skimp on riding gear.
  9. my budget is about $3500 for a 250cc as im only 17 and probly will sell my car for a bike as there much more fun than cars
  10. Does that $3500 include your riding gear to ? Buy it first then whats left over buy your bike.
  11. Welcome to the world of "ask a question and get more answers than I can sort", hazard!
    Seriously, we've all gone through what you are going through now: listen, sort, evaluate, ask again, and we'll try and make sure you make the RIGHT choice, and the one you'll enjoy!
  12. Welcome to the nuthouse!
  13. Welcome hazard, as has been said before buy your gear first then with what's left over buy a CB 250 most forgiving bike you'll ever ride!
  14. :LOL: bond girl, after reading many of your posts over the months it's hilarious to see how many of them are pimping the CB 250, defending the CB 250, and just generally singing the praises of the CB 250.

    i thought my pop held the title for extreme product loyalty over what most would consider a pretty boring thing - corn flakes. he always has at least 15 packets in the panty and has eaten them his entire life.

    i now pass the title to you, queen of brand loyalty and worshiper of the pedestrian. honda should give you a medal and offer you a role in their advertising division :p :wink:
  15. Wow a medal and all because I LOVE my bike! I didn't realise it showed! froflmao!
  16. Welcome Hazard121, I hope you enjoy the forums as much as I do.
    We're all a little strange, but that only adds to the charm :wink:

    I can only endorse what the others say about riding gear, even tho it's hot 'n humid up there, you NEED good gear, please don't ride around in T'shirts and shorts.

    Seeing you are in NT, one of the enduro types might be the go, other wise a faired bike may be more comfortable, as the fairing may channel the heat through the "bodywork" and shield your legs from the radiant heat off the engine, just a thought.

    I had a CR125 many many years ago, bloody thing was either screaming flat out or stalled :p but jeez for a 125 it could move!

    Good luck searching.

  17. Well i dont plan to skimp on riding gear..i wouldnt mind gettting a enduro bike and fitting it with road tires as thats what i used on my L's course, plus ive raced a bit of motard so im fairly comfortable on dirtbikes with road tires..

    but yes, minimum i plan to get is a jacket and some kevlar lined jeans (i already have gloves n helmet ect from my motorcross bike..

    Iffracem, my cr 125 was'nt that bad as the newer models have the power port which help make the power delivery smooth throughout the rev range but yeah, they still go like a shower of shit
  18. Yes i would normally agree with this, if he live in a place like Sydney or Wollongong where most of the riding would be around the city streets. However living in the NT most of the roads up there would be long and straight and personally i think all the vibes from a big single at hwy/fwy/open road speeds would be annoying to live with day in, day out. Therefore a road bike would be more suited, making all the open roads a less bike stressed and smoother commute.
  19. On the other hand, faired bikes actually retain a lot of engine heat inside the fairing and radiate it up to the rider, so perhaps an unfaired bike where the wind can carry the engine heat away might be the go.

    That's my 2 cent's worth anyway.
  20. Northern Territory.....?

    ... Naked bike for sure, if you do have an off it can cost half your bike's value replacing the fibre-glass stuff! Besides, the buffalo are so short-sighted up there, they'll probably think you're one of them on a naked bike and leave you alone! :D