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(Another) new kid on the block!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by countmacula, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Hello all!

    Fine forum you've got going here! Just found it yesterday, loving it so far!

    Anyways, Just got my Learners today, booked in for Q-Ride @ Mt Cotton in two weeks.

    ... now just gotta get a bike... I'm kinda keener for a cruiser style of bike...

    My question is this:
    As a beginner, should i start on a 250?
    The Q-Ride course should see me achieve unrestricted status...

    Do I fork out some hard earned $$$ on a 250 i might only keep for a year to upgrade to a bigger bike?
    Or do I invest more money on a new 250 I really like the feel of? (ie Kawasaki Eliminator, or Suzuki Maruder? I don't know how either of these ride yet though...)

    I've been riding a little 50cc scooter for a few months now (not really a bike I know, but i'm not scared of traffic or anything like that)...

    Ok that is all for now! thanks guys for a great forum and listening to my n00bness!
  2. welcome to the forums. just assess all your options and ask plenty of questions and you will get plenty of answers. My answer is dont fork out shit loads on the 250. spend heaps on the gear and learn to ride what you are comfortable on. Good luck and have fun looking, dont make it a chore.
  3. woo-ha-ha, welcome to the castle macula, my guests have arrived, I can't wait to put the bite on them, er, oh, um

    OH, Hi there, welcome to the forum where everybody's sane, sensible and gives straight answers to questions !:)
  4. hehehe cheers guys!
    I just refreshed the page and replies aleady!

    I have some protective gear already - Helmet, gloves, good(ish) jacket with armour... Need to get some boots and pants though.

    I'm excited :D
  5. Hi countmacula , welcome .
  6. Ha Ha why bother just wear a singlet a pair of stubbies with some good quality rubber thongs :shock: :shock: Ok im just kidding those Dragginjeans the last time i priced them were $200 but worth it if you use them all the time. I have a pair of Motodry pull ons with padding and Knee armor that i wear Waterproof and also have a removable winter lining.
  7. Hi Countmacula,

    Just a piece of advice from my personal experience, most that start with a 250cc look to upgrade pretty much as soon as they receive their open licence. Some stick with them quite happily, but for me, having owned a Honda Rebel 250cc cruiser, I found her beautiful to ride (I loved that little bike :D ) but lacking greatly in 'pick up' power. I personally prefer a little power at the finger tips to get me out of trouble.

    On the other hand though, I kept my eye's on the trading post before buying my new girl and most bikes were holding there value quite well, so maybe it can be considered an investment.

    Anyway, food for thought and shop around to find what's right for you.

    Happy and safe riding,

    Firestorm. :D :) :D
  8. Well I did it guys!
    After spending the last 4 days checking out bikes, new and used all over town... My heart was sold on the Eliminator.

    I ended up getting a damn sweet deal from the guys at Team Moto Kawasaki - thanks to some crazy price wars between the 3 dealers that had them in stock .. hehehe it was awesome :)

    While getting a new bike is a tad crazy for me i think... the price was right, and I don't think i'll be looking to offload this one for a while. Oh how i love it so :D

    ... now i hope someone buys my car and scooter ASAP!
  9. Welcome,
    Just got my learners recently too. Best thing i have ever done.
    There is lots of fun to had. Enjoy