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another new helmet advice question (sorry!)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by helent, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Yeah, I know this has probably been done before but I am asking anyway :oops:

    I am picking up my new bike tomorrow and need a helmet to go with it. Not having ridden a bike over speeds any greater than about 5km/hr round a car park as of yet, it is difficult for me to gauge what I need in a helmet, other than obviously, it needs to fit.

    I am getting a cruiser - I do not intend to be going at ridiculous speeds - so I would think maybe for a while at least aerodynamics/wind noise etc would not be an issue!

    I am leaning towards just getting a very cheap, open face helmet with full visor. I feel pretty claustrophobic in those full face things. I have tried one on in the shop - I can't remember the brand - it was three letters beginning with R - something like RJT? But anyway - it was only $90 and I am sure I will get it cheaper than that due to buying a new bike there also.

    Am I mad, or does it make sense to maybe just get this cheap one for now, for while I am learning, and then if I don't like it, I can always get a better one down the track - no point in spending $500 and then finding it is not for me. Are the open face things bad news full stop?

  2. Well if dont intend on going past 50-60km/h for wind noise, it will be ok. Also picture your face skimming along the ground chin down, how will you be in a full faced helmet vs an open face.

    Ultimately, your decision!

    Also, have you tried on any other helmets besides a $90 one??? ( was the $90 one a full faced or open helmet? Little bit confused by what you said)
  3. This is where you'll have to ask the shop assistant, or bring a knowledgeable friend.
    Seeing as you are asking, I assume there's no knowledgeable friend!
    I would definitely get a full face helmet. You will get used to it very quickly, I'd recommend sitting down watching TV with whichever helmet you get, just to get comfortable with it before you ride.
    Helmet should fit fairly snugly when new, it initially should be a bit of an effort to get it on.
    I reckon your cheap helmet logic is good, just make sure it complies with the Australian standards (stickers). As you said, once you have ridden a bit, decide what you realy want/need, and keep the original for a spare.
    I admit to buying a cheapie for my first helmet, a sceond hand one even :shock: , off Ebay too! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. wazza/undii - sorry - completely agree - what I said reads like absolute crap. I hoped no-one would notice. Having one of those days....(nearly threw in the towel at work today - had enough - hence why I am spending money on things that I don't need like motorbikes, because life is supposed to be fun, not full of s**t like this....)

    Anyway, back on topic - it was an open face helmet I tried on for $90. It felt OK, I was just tossing up between the the S and the XS. I tried on a full-face - not sure what brand or cost this was (but I asked to be steered towards the cheap ones). I just feel somewhat claustrophobic in these.

    But, I know the answer to this question will probably be that I am somewhat stupid if I decide to go for an open face one. But my thoughts were that it might be OK for now until I get a chance to do a full review of what's available with the thoughts of maybe getting another one in a few months (when I am going over 50km/hr).

    My husband did say that the open face one I tried on was for scooter drivers only!
  5. Have a look at the Nolan N102 and N100E ranges, they have a flip up visor and full flip up chin guard.
    one of my customers has one and he loves it, they also seem to have a bit more room in front of the face than a normal sports type full face.

  6. Open faces are regularly called half face helmets and that will be all u have left even after a 50-60k spill :( dont do it get a full face and keep yours) :grin:
  8. +1 to the Nolan flip faces, the new ones (N102E) look brilliant. I've owned two N100Es and I think they ROCK!

    Open face when you want it, full face when you need it.
  9. yep i'll definatly be trying one on when i'm up for a new lid
  10. Yep' I've got the N102 and I love it.

    But they are not a "convertible" where you can choose whether to ride with it open or not. The flip front is mostly a convenience for me because I wear glasses.

    I also use a nolan open face helmet with a full visor when I am putting around town, especially in summer. But that's my choice. I think the open face helmet gives me a wider field of vision, which I find useful in traffic as I don't need to twist my old neck so far to do a head-check.

    Then again, my first helmet was a fibreglass pudding basin with cork lining, so anything available today looks pretty good.

    But Helen - fit is everything. The helmet must fit snugly all over without making too much pressure in any place. A godd fitting helmet should probably squash your cheeks in a little. Get it nice and snug, as they do settle in. If you are tossing up between two sizes, then go for the smaller one unless it is painful. Keep trying different brands until you find one that fits nicely.

    Don't be concerned about the claustraphobia thing. Unless you have previously suffered from it, a helmet shouldn't be a problem. They do feel a bit strange at first, and full face ones moreso, but once you get out on the open road, you won't notice it's there. You will even imagine you feel the wind in your hair.

    Do try wearing the helmet around the house. Also the gloves and other protective gear. It is all a bit stiff at first, and does settle down pretty soon. It would be good when riding your bike if your helmet and gloves don't feel so strange that they impede your control.

    Oh, and trust me, you *will* be going faster than 50 or 60 very soon........ and loving it.
  11. BTW, Nolan is not the only flip-up on the market. My Nitro serves me very well, and at $300 even I think it was somewhat cheaper than the Nolans. Actually one of these very cheap brands, I think it was RXT (?) had a flip-up model as well.
  12. Bout the most important thing is that it fits comfortably. No point in saving say $10 to get a helmet that is not comfortable and so not only dont get to enjoy your bike, but may detract you from concentrating on other things. I suggest try as many brands as you can as each manufacturer has their own idea of the ideal "head shape". Each brand you will notice differences, you want it to be tight and firm without any pressure points that cause distress. When you have narrowed down your choice try wearing it for say 30 mins before you buy as a 20 second try may be diff to an actual ride. It sound like you know the pros and cons of open face V's full face. Some brands in full face do differ though as to how they feel and how close the chin piece is. Some have a wider opening to see out of as well so you get great periferal vision as well. Is that possibly making you feel clostraphobic as well? Lastly have you seen combination helmets. There are a few around now that can be used as both open and full face helmets. Might be worth at least just looking at. All the best!!!

  13. Rode a cruiser for three years with an open face helmet. Most of the time had a three quarter with full visor and even enjoyed hot days with a half helmet.

    Riding a crusier is about relaxing, but still aware of the environment around you and I fully concur with the claustrophobic feeling - I never thought I'd get a full face ever again.

    Got a new bike and then read about Haggis's (from this Forum) accident. A guy I've met a few times and who didn't come across as someone who took too many risks - but a kangaroo wanted his bit of road. The next few days I reserached flip face helmets and after getting the OK from Loz and Moike too went the Nolan N102 - yeah a bit pricey but a great helemt you can easily ride around town with the flip up and no issues at all.

    Sorry if you are even more confused, I guess I really enjoy the open face and will still wear the three quarter on the odd commute around town, whilst not too many here are going to condone an open face helmet , your comfort is also important.

    And scooter riders and cruiser riders tend to take it a bit easier than the sports bikes, so by all means get the open face, and of course I hope that should you come off, that you never wish you'd have bought the full-face.