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Another New Guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by beejay, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    Im new to the whole forum thing, but it seems you guys have a good thing going here! I am 26 from Pakenham in S.E VIC and have had bikes of some kind since I was 7. I have a little CBR250rr at the moment which is my first roadbike (or any bike for 4 years due to accident) and have been riding it for about 6 months. Most of my friends who had bikes have either sold them due to getting married or a house, so hopefully I can meet a few like minded people here, who are keen for a ride every now and then. Thanks!

  2. Hmm been a while since I said hi to anybody and I'll get in before hornet does :grin:

    Welcome to the forums. Have you checked out the coffee nights? Great place to meet people especially Friday nights :)
  3. Thanks firefling, will check out the coffee nights
  4. I was being a gentleman and waiting for you, Minna :LOL:

    But welcome indeed, beejay, I'm sure you'll find plenty of riding companions in your area..
  5. G'day Beejay, Narre boy here, but if you see a red white and black R1 scooting through Pakie, it may be my son, he's in Lakeside.
  6. Hey beejay

    Welcome, hope to see you on a ride sometime
  7. Welcome beejay. Keep on enjoying the forum and your CBR250rr.
  8. Welcome Beejay, enjoy your time here, oh and the cdr is a wonderful little machine... Have fun.
  9. Welcome

    Sit back & watch your friends watch you & your bike with envy.
  10. Welcome beejay, hope to see you on a ride or at coffee sometime.
  11. Welcome to the forums Beejay, hope to see you out and about at an event soon :)
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  13. G'day beejay,

    Looks like we need to get a south east suburbs/peninsula coffee/beer night organised. :grin: :beer:
  14. Welcome beejay, enjoy the forum and your bike.