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Another new guy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hazard121, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Gday, In the last two weeks ive been checking out these forums and having a read and thought that i should finally join..

    I have only just got my motorbike learners last week and ive had about two years experience of blasting around the bush on a motorcross bike..Ive currently got a 97 cr125 and im wondering what the best type of road bike i should get while im restricted..i have read that naaked bikes are the go for first bikes as there is less farings to be damaged in the high likley hood of a dropping..any suggestions??
  2. i like the look of the spada.....never rode one.
    my first 250 was a gpz250 with beltdrive, couldnt fault it.
    fairings are expensive to fix/replace but you should have a sit on a few and get the feel for what you want.
    i just got for my wife a cb250 and just then....like 5 minutes ago i was doing a mono (heh, maybe a half footer) in the driveway on it.
    like i said, sit on a few and go with what feels right.
    looking at how old this post is....you may already be off restrictions, but the answer still applies
  3. G'day mate, nice to meet you :)

    Just look at whatever bike interests you, then try to find one at a reasonable price, in good condition (so your not forking out extra cash every few weeks) and owned by a respectable person.

    Welcome and good luck ^__^