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Another new girl

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chicflutterby, May 31, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I got my full license a few weeks ago and having been riding each weekend with family & friends and with my Riding school. I have finally decided on which bike I want to buy after sitting on heaps and heaps and test driving a number as well. Considering prices, a new one is about the same price as a second hand one with 10000 on the clock. (helps that I am friends with the owner of the shop, I think lol). So I am buying a new Ninja 650L abs. I love it and being tall, 169cm, it suits me well. I also have to a lot of long trips out west so I need something with a bit of guts to get up the Toowoomba Range.
  2. Welcome, nice choice of bike; post up pics when you have picked it up.


    And get ready for what happens next................
  3. Who's turn is it?
  4. Do you mean asking if she's hot? :LOL:

    We might as well ask, are you hot?

    And nice choice of bike.
  5. Welcome, and yes; knowing a dealer is going to come in handy :)
  6. welcome
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  7. haha just went through the above thread which took me to the pool room thread.

    Had a bit of a chuckle :D

    Welcome chicflutterby, I admire your choice of manufacturer. ;)

  8. Welcome to the unruly house of Netrider :LOL:
  9. Welcome.
    You'll find a small but friendly Brisbane community here. Hope to see you on some rides.

    What takes you to Toowoomba?
  10. Welcome in.
    Unruly yes, threatening no......

  11. I have Family in Toowoomba and out west, and since it's only me going, it seems silly to take the big 4WD any time I have to go.

    I am going back to Hot is in the eye of the beholder...but I am 37 which I think is a pretty hot age.....something about being in my prime lol
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  12. Nicely played you will fit right in =D>
  13. Welcome to the forums of the non-allergic NutRiders. :D
  14. ... the more I think about that ...:bolt:
  15. Welcome to Netrider chic. Top choice in your new ride.
    Just remember, women reach their prime at the same age men find their comfy chair!!!
    So I'm told!
  16. 37.....it's not creepy...my mother still got 15+ years on ya....WASSUP BABAY?!

    you hot or what sugar plum?!

    a welcome to your fine beautifully matured ass miss'
  17. I'm sorry but I like my men on the mature side....after they have gone through puberty......
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  18. Rattus is that you?
  19. Well i Aint gunna ask. ..
    Edit - i missed a page she answered already )