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Another new gear thread

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cellipatch58, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Wondering if anyone can help me out where to find good Dainese gear. Just bought a pair of Dainese Full Metal Pro Rossi replica gloves for $350 so price isn't too much of a factor when it comes to my gear. Anyone know where I can get a set of Dainese Valentino Rossi Replica like boots? I know I sound like a typical squid wanting to be decked out like Valentino Rossi but I love Dainese!

  2. I don't think there are Rossi Replica boots, just regular Dianese ones. Work out which ones he wears and buy from your local supplier (if they have them) or try overseas sources such as Revzilla or Bimoto.
  3. I buy all my Dainese gear from Motorama in Italy.

    The only place I have seen Rossi replica boots is through Revzilla as mentioned above.

    Otherwise I'm sure you could special order them.....
  4. revzilla dont ship dainese gear to australia if i recall correctly. better to go with motorama.it, motardinn, motoin.de, motostorm.it or fc-moto.de
  5. Thanks for all your replies. I might go to a bike shop near me, try on all the gear then just save the cost online if it's cheaper.
  6. You might want to get a flame suit while you're there............... brace yourself
  7. I'll go first ;-)

    cellipatch58, I'd agree to buy online if the store you visit is clearly going to rip you off. HOWEVER, have some damned ethics and consider that you were able to go into a bricks and mortar store, try on their gear, probably chew up a salesperson's time with questions, then try on more gear and different sizes.

    Then you make some lame "I'll think about it" excuse and order online! Well, it won't be long before the B&M stores are out of business, and you and your ilk will have nowhere to sponge off.

    Support our local retailers and be prepared to pay a bit more as they have considerable overheads that online businesses dont. Unless of course they are blatant ripoff merchants.

    Anyway, I'm sure no-one will be able to tell that you're wearing fake gear that you paid way too much for from some dodgy site.
  8. Ouch......... get in there Darryl!

    As always it's a fair argument. However, i'm looking at some Sidi Vortice boots for the track as my Puma's are a little too heavy with no real feel or finesse, although a superb safe boot.
    So, Bikebiz sell them. Great, i'll pop down and try them on and see if they'll do a deal to be almost competitive with overseas. Didn't even get that far - they don't actually 'stock' them they say on the phone!

    So i can pay $625.00 and gamble there on size, or pay $420.00 DELIVERED from Holland and gamble there on size. For $200 i'll take the overseas gamble, thanks.

    It's a sad state of affairs, product here is just so damned expensive. Tyres, perfume, boots, jeans, Ikea, all of it.........
  9. Or you could ask for the best price the local store can offer you.

    Sometimes they will and you could get an awesome deal.

    Ridersdiscount.com is a good site as well.
  10. haha Lionz - go hard or go home!

    I'm pretty much the same as you and I'm not going to pay over the top locally, which was one of the points I was making.

    I shop for bargains like a bastard and have purchased bike, camera and AV gear mostly from local shops cheaper than the same products online. But then there are items that don't need a shop inspection such as camera lenses and flash units which are far cheaper out of Hong Kong than what they cost at B&M stores here. That's a no brainer and I don't think that makes me a hypocrite.

    btw, I picked up a Dri Rider winter jacket from BikeBiz for $99 that had a best online price of $270. Admittedly Bikebiz had marked it down from $399 so it would have been a touch up at full price. Pays to be a 3XL sometimes 'cause that's all they had left and they were trying to get rid of them.
  11. I totally agree with you Darry as I work in retail myself although if I can save $300 on a reputable website online there is no way I could turn down that offer! Surely when considering I want a suit, boots and a new helmet stores will be able to cut me a good deal!
  12. It isn't just about price. In the last couple of years local retailers have become more competitive with overseas sources but they still tend to have just a small selection compared to overseas suppliers.

    Dianese is a good example because overseas most of the jackets have several colour options and some of the pants have "stout" sizing options. In Australia you get the choice of black or maybe black with a little bit of white for jackets and only regular pants. At best we only seem to get about half of the styles available overseas as well.

    I have a couple of Dianese jackets (a third was destroyed in a crash) so I know my size quite well. One summer mesh and one leather jacket bought here and one mesh jacket bought overseas in colours I couldn't get locally and the bonus of saving of about $100 compared to a locally available all-black version.

    My next Dainese jacket is very likely to come directly from Europe because of the wider selection. I can even get Dianese Made 2 Measure pants for a reasonable price overseas but here in Aus they are all too long in the leg so you have to add a couple of hundred bucks to get them adjusted properly. which makes local sourcing even worse.
  13. That's exactly right Banzai. And if it's any consolation to Darry I purchased my Dainese jacket and back protector local at Peter Stevens Adelaide, and I'll probably grab the pants from there as well!
  14. Get in quick. Peter Stevens / monza imports is no longer the Dainese importer. There will literally be bugger all Dainese hanging in their stores very soon. Would I buy anything from Peter Stevens? Probably only if I could not find it somewhere else. Case in point my MV Agusta. Sure I could have gone interstate but wouldn't have gained Amy sales advantage
  15. RRdevil I noticed that the majority of the Dainese gear they had was on sale and the sales bloke that helped me out mentioned it as well. On another note, does any know whether AGV K3 Rossi replica helmets are sold anywhere in Australia with the AS1698 sticker and stitching? There's no way I'm taking the risk on buying a helmet from overseas and putting a sticker on the back. Need a change from my LS2 haha!