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Another new forum person says hi!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. I'd like to just say hi. I am in the process of getting my first bike. I'm 31, used to ride as a teenager and finally decided to ride on the road. I have a question in regards to clothes. Can anyone reccommend a shop for riding gear (jacket, boots, helmet, gloves) either around caulfield or richmond areas?

    Still not 100% decided on the bike I want. So far I've been looking at 4 strokes. I'm doing a course at motorcyclemotion and will have my learners on March 2nd. Hope to see you guys at some riding events in the future.
  2. Hi undii - I'm a newbie as well. I did my L's at MM last year, they're pretty good. I did my full licence last month at HART.

    As for your gear, shop around a fair bit for better prices, have a look out at Ringwood, there are a number of stores out there, and also at Dandenong.

    Have fun ! :)
  3. G'day undii... Welcome to the motorcycling world! Good luck finding some gear, as doonks suggested shop around. Elisebeth St is close to you and has a lot of bike shops.
  4. I wouldn't try and get everything from the one store unless you are looking to get one of those "learner rider packages" where they bundle a basic helmet, basic jacket, basic gloves and basic boots".

    Those can be good buying for someone just starting out, otherwise you'll almost certainly get better value by shopping around.

    Make sure the gear fits _well_, nothing worse than buying stuff and then it annoys you for the next 2 years :)
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  6. Hello and welcome :D

    Good luck with getting a bike and licence etc :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. allo mate
    and welcome :D
  8. Welcome undii. Good luck with the learners - let us know how you go :)
  9. Thanks for the welcomes and advice. Might go for an Elizabeth street run on Friday for boots + jacket at least as I start the first part of the MM course this Saturday and will be doing the Learners licence part on Wed 2nd March.
  10. Welcome undii, good luck with the road ahead :) Just remember, the gear you buy will be with you for a couple years at least, so my advice is don't do all your gear shopping in one go, try looking around at different places over a couple of weekends to make sure you get some perspective and try a lot of different options.

    And don't let any of these guys on the forum pay you out because your bike doesn't have as much horsepower as theirs. :p
  11. welcome to the the bike gang
  12. Heya undii! Welcome aboard! Make sure you feel really comfortable in the gear you buy....you'll be wearing it a lot (I imagine :p ) for a few years and there's nothing worse than having something that's not quite comfy, etc.

    Good luck with the course and we'll see you on the road soon!

    :D :D :D
  13. Hi Undii,

    I just got fitted out last week @ Red Wing Honda in Heidelberg.

    Dealt with Nick, very helpful and explained everything really well.

  14. G'Day

    HI Undii,

    Like you I too returned to Motorcylcing after a long break. Welcome home.

    To everyone else, G'Day I've been lurking on this site for several months but never successfully registerd till now. So here I am, a 46 yo newbie!

    Mostely I ride with the Ulysses club but I like the descrptions of many of your rides and so ... here I am. Hope to meet you all soon.

    I got made redunant recently and so have LOTS of time for weekday rides!! Anyone?

  15. hey buddy as u can tell im cbrdno. welcome to the the madness that is netrider. hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as i have.
  16. Isn't it time that Bike Barn put on another shopping night?


    A few new riders in here, might be worthwhile..
  17. funnily enough, there were 4 of us talking about that tonight at my place!! I am going to bike mart tomorrow morning anyway. Will ask them about another night. Pete, what do you think?
  18. Feel free to ask while your there Deb. Very much doubt Pete will be able to do so, since he flies off to NZ for 2 weeks riding in just under 2 weeks.
  19. Cool, will do that Jason. I was thinking a day before the SBK?
  20. Welcome to the fun Undii :D

    And Cocomuts, I had a look at that site you recommended. I thought the prices were very reasonable. Pity they dont have female fitted jackets. :cry: