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another new brisvegan

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MacFfy, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. 'llo all!

    Another newbie.... new to bikes, new to riding, new to australia!! (and I'm girl - what hope do i have???? :grin:)

    off to look at a couple of bikes tomo... hang on it's after midnight... today. Know what I'd like, and I know what I'll probably end up with!! :wink:

    booked in for some Q-ride training with morgan and wacker (southside) next friday. Not driven a bike since I was about 11/12, played pillion a few times most recently on a triumph rocket III up in cairns and by gads was that a sweet ride!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to meeting some of you other brisbanites out there :)
  2. Hi MacFfy, welcome to the forum and good luck with your Ls. :grin:
  3. ullo, lady, welcome to the madness.

    Lots of Netriders in the Mexico of the North; I'm sure they'd be happy to assist you, (particularly the young, red-blooded ones!) in your quest
  4. Welcome MacFfy, to Australia, Netrider, et al. :grin:
  5. Hello and welcome!

    (Is a 'Brisvegan' someone from Brisbane that doesn't eat any animal products?) :)
  6. I'm afraid the you red-bloods are too late.... happily spoken for, ring on finger et al :wink:

    and we couldn't decide between brisvegan, or a brisvegemite.... but I don't really like vegemite, so vegan it was!!! :grin:
  7. Ah, fine, well welcome to the both of you then :)
  8. Welcome from a fellow Queenslander :D
  9. yay.... got my very shiny netrider membership card in the mail this morning!

    now just wait until I'm down fior xmas with with my rellies in melbourne, then I can come and stalk everyone in person!

  10. A Brisvegan is a resident of BrisVegas... ;) Most are fairly heartily carnivorous.
  11. .... and the brisvegemites are the ones which are particularly fond of vegemite... but not me. I think it's evil - I'll never make an aussie! :)