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Another new bloke saying hello

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paddyboy, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Hi I'm a new joiner so just saying hello. I have lived in Shepparton for three years and find the roads very straight and boring. Can anyone recommend a good ride nearby, Paddyboy

  2. Hi Paddyboy , welcome . Not to sure of the roads up there .
  3. welcome to the nut house
  4. Hihj Paddy boy... welcome to the forums.

    There aren't many twisties up around Shepparton... if you head north about 70kms towards the river then are some nice rides along the Murray river with some bends in them though :)
  5. Hi Paddy, Top of the morning to you..... Welcome to the forums.

    (I know it isnt morning but "Top of the afternoon to you" just doesnt sound right)
  6. Welcome, yeah Shepparton's pretty flat although you're not that far from the Winton racetrack. There's also some good roads down around the Bendigo region (particularly around Harcourt).
  7. Thanks to everyone for the welcome. I have being reading this forum for a while before taking the plunge and posting a message. You boys and girls are informative and helpful
  8. Hi Paddyboy. I'm an old Benalla boy so I know the area well. There are heaps of twisties around the Warby ranges near Glenrowan. Head towards Benalla then duck behind Lake Mokoan to find them between Thoona and Wangaratta. There are also a heap of roads east of the hume fwy. The Whitfield-Mansfield sticks out as a favorite, but also try Benalla-Myhree, Mt. Buffulo Rd or up to Falls Creek or Hotham. The Tawonga Gap between Bright and Mt. Beauty is awesome.

    Myself and a friend from high school often go home to visit the folks and have a blat around the hills, so I post next time I go to let you know. :D
  9. Thanks Seany I actually went from Shepp to Dookie and on to Yarrawonga last week ( but that was in the car with wife and feral children) so it would be good to get out for a bit of fun. I bought this bike 3 months ago and its l only done 800ks so it still needs its first service. Now thats embarrasing.
  10. WELCOME!

    what bike do you ride?
  11. Not even scratching the surface. You're at the foot of the Great Dividing Range. No shortage of fun to be had. :wink: Luckily, you have a wife to mind the kids while you play. :D :LOL: If she says it's ok that is. :)
  12. Thanks for the welcome and I ride a Yamaha R1
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum :)
  14. hi there, welcome to the nut house.. :LOL:
  15. Welcome aboard Paddyboy!
  16. Thanks very much Domhnall , blue12 and YammyChick its very nice to be onboard. I've been looking for this sort of site for ages where it doesn't matter if your on a MV Agusta or a postie bike, they all have two wheels and thats what counts
  17. thats right doesnt matter what you ride, we are all one big sometimes happy family in here.. :D :D By the way you have a very nice ride there..
  18. hey paddyboy, i'm in numurkah. we must hook-up sometime. start our own coffee meets. if ya can cope with cruiseing with a fella on a little 250.
    cheers Andrew
  19. Welcome to Netrider Paddyboy, nice bike by the way :)