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another new bike thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enzise, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all.

    heres another look at my new baby thread. put the deposit down on it yesterday and hoping to pick it up tomorow
    gsxr1000 k4 only 7900 k's




    when i went for the test ride it toke about 20 minutes for my heart rate to go back to normal.
    just hope the rain holds off for the weekend.
  2. If you don't mind answering, how tall are you, and what's your inseam length...

    I ask because the current gsxr1k is laughably small, however older models are (so I'm told) more accommodating to anyone that is not an ewok.
  3. wats inseam length?
    im about 6'4, i heard somewhere that the gixxer's and the yamaha r1 and r6 are both bigger bikes in terms of not being crouched up. i rode a cbr600 once for about 5 minutes and ruled out ever going down that road. my knees where close to my ears.
    i felt comfortable on the test ride, and can get both feet down, comfortably.
  4. The pics don't count if I have to move closer to my screen to see what the bike is :LOL:
  5. nice ride :)

    how much did it cost you?
  6. Nice bike, bet you can't wait to bring it home - if it rains at least you won't have to worry about visibility! Nice bright paint job :grin: I know what you mean about heart rate - I slept like a log last night after riding my new girl around. I feel like I need to put a "beware rider getting used to more powerful bike" sign on the back of my jacket :p
  7. Congrats on the new bike. :) I do like it but then is there a gsxr that I don't like. :grin: :grin:

    I'm 6'1 and have a K1 and K8 GSXR-1K. The K1 definitely feels bigger (tank, fairings) but the K8 appears to have more room to move around. Dry weights the K1 is 1kg lighter than the K8, but I have aftermarket exhausts on both bikes and there was a much bigger weight saving on the K8.

    My one piece leathers have an inseam of 32 inches if that helps.
  8. Congrats !!!!
    Very Nice :)
  9. Unreal bike. I have been riding a K8 occasionally and such a smooth bike. Just curious, how much are you looking at for insurance?
  10. paid 14700.. hope i didnt pay to much, but i got it down from 12000.
  11. ...i hope thats back to front or you just encountered the worlds best bike salesman
  12. :LOL:
  13. lets try again paid 11311 down from 12000.

    never did like maths..

    now my bank is being bloody annoying..
    transfered the money into my account to get a bike on monday this week. yesterday the money was in my acount as balance but not as available. so i need to wait a few more days for the bank to stop playing around with my money before i can go pick it up.. ARGH!!!!
  14. seems to be getting cheaper by the post.. lets post a few hundred times and see if you can make money on it..
    nice too.