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Another new bike thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by barts, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, well, I just picked up my new bike today from Ray Quincey today and I am offically in love!

    I've gone from a '96 RS250 to a '00 R1 and she feels great.

    I must admit, I'd been looking at her over and over again on the net for quite some time, and finally made the decision last weekend that I wanted to have a look in person and go for a bit of a ride.

    Initally I had two concerns, first being the obvious jump in power, and also slipping in through traffic.

    So I went out this morning, with the old phone and took a couple my self - hopefully they look a little better



    I know it's only early days, but I remember when I traded first bike which was an old Spada after only about 6 months or so and I got the RS250 when I hit the power band I was initally worried that I'd done the wrong thing and it might have been too much for my skills, which after i while you get used to and on you go.

    But with the R1, you can feel she's fast, a quick tweek on the throttle, and you jump 20 to 30 km's at a time before you've noticed, but it's not the same terror as I was kind of expecting.

    Actually, I feel safer on her than I do on my now little girl, I think she's more sure footed, but I'm much more comfortable on her as well.

    Depending on the weather tomorrow, I think I'll be heading out looking for some good interesting roads to get some confidence on.

  2. Congrates on the new bike
  3. Thanks Daz
  4. great bike, congratz.
    the power of any bike is in yor hands, it all depends on how u use it.
    btw, how much did u pay for the bike ?
  5. nice bike there mate.
    i was looking at getting a R6 but then found out what they wanted to insure it
  6. I was thinking the same before i got my R6 insure my ride was a bit of a stuff around to do it all online but u get a 25% discount for doing it online mine is insured for $11000 and it cost me $640
  7. .. but you're over 30 :wink:

    Nice machine, mate, enjoy the new experiences :).
  8. Congrats on the new bike!
  9. Yeah thanks Hornet - apparently you're only as old as the woman you're feeling, and Captain Kitchen is only 28, so I'm still good.

    Shadow, I got her for $8400 all in, including RWC and stamp and all that.

    Yeah the insurance thing was a bugger, especially being in St Kilda East, it's a bit higher on any insurance - I looked around, and the rate was anything up to $1300 + (which was with the RACV, and I'm supposed to have a rating 1 for life?), but I called QBE, and it was only $685 full comp which I thought was pretty good.

    I'm about to update the pic, with some I took this morning - and then I'm going to wonder for a bit about this weather, and then head out again somewhere.
  10. Nice ride, You will be hoping for some consistant dry weather to give her the full workout.

    get ready to spend some serious dollars on tyres my friend

    (laughs manicly)

    All the best