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Another New Bike thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pezza, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Well its my turn, Went to get petrol today for the 250 looked across the road at Yamaha and saw the XT660X.

    Was used had 1,000km on it and just had its first service. Took a test ride on it and bought it that day :D $9000 ride away.

    Feels a lot different from the 250 a lot more torque, steers a lot better. doesn't feel so old. LOVE IT!


  2. Nice. Under rated as a commuter.
    How big is the tank?
  3. Congrats!!! Gotta love a new bike thread :grin:

    Many happy returns to you and your new love
  4. nice upgrade...agree reckon this would make a great commuter :)
  5. lol its a bloody fun commuter :p gotta replace the cans tho and get a good pair
  6. Congrats on the new steed. Enjoy!
  7. The more I look at motards, the more I like them...they look like alota fun!
  8. Definitely.

    Nice bike, mate!
    I'll have a motard oneday... they'd be excellent at killing the streets.
  9. Make up your mind !!! motard or a bike with a fuel gauge !?!?!? :?:

    @op nice bike :) and a good deal too i must say :)
  10. Both!

    Cripey's must nearly be time for the annual "You have a bajillion dollars, what bikes are in your garage?" thread.
  11. Congrats !!!!
  12. congrats. its very nice.
    just outta curiousty, YOu were inthe market for a bike yea? 9k for an impulse purchaes is....a bit impulsive? LOL.

    Im begining to like motards too....
  13. Very Nice :grin:
    I assume this was Sunbury Yamaha? You werent tempted by the shiny new black R1's in the showroom?? :p

    btw - Next time you're down there, be sure to pop in to Legends over the road for a bite to eat :blatant advertising: :)
  14. Congrats, motards are sick, i was lookin at these puppies, they have an 18inch front wheel from what i remember and 17in rear. I was confused as to why they would do it.

  15. Thanks guys. The day after i bought it i went back to yamaha and order a pair of GYTR Pipes yay $1200