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Another new bike thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AdzA, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. I am now the happy owner of an immaculate 2001 VFR 800 with only 11000km on it. :)

    I had been looking at buying for about a month and with a few trips from Wodonga to Melbourne only to find high km bikes, when a workmate told me about a friend that had his on the market. One week later and it is now in my garage.

    The previous owner had it since new and had babied it the whole time. Only mod is the obligatory hi-rise Staintune.

    I have a Starcom1 Digital on the way and am considering a set of Pazzo levers as well (I have really short fingers) any advise on levers would be great as I can't view any up here.

    The bike is a great step up from the little Hyo gt250. It is nice to be able to sit on 100km/h without having to strangle the throttle when riding 2up with the kids.

    Will post more pics and write a review when I have a few more km up.

  2. very nice indeed mate.you've got to be happy with that.well done.
    happy riding :wink:


    I must be getting through to some of you bastards or something.

    Top upgrade, bloke! Must chew k's a lot easier than the ol' Hyo GT :)
  4. Bloody clean mate, well done. i can't wait to get off my bloody restrictions and get a real bike.