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Another new bike thread, another CBR600RR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AdamR33, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I picked up my new bike today. I have clocked up about 80kms so far and really enjoying it. Needless to say it is a big step up from the CBR125. Taking it nice and easy

    The ride home from the dealer in todays heat was really taxing though.

    Question for other CBR600 owners, I find that my legs, and the seat got really hot when I went for a ride when it was a bit cooler this evening. When I say cooler apparently it was still 29c, but felt cooler than 46. Is this something I will have to learn to live with or just a really hot day and it wont be at bad usually?


  2. Nice bike mate. No matter how many I see, there is something special about the little Honda's. Enjoy :grin:
  3. Congrats and welcome to 'hoonville', the cops are gonna lurve you!!
  4. Mmmmmmmmm envious.
  5. good going mate :dance:

    but geez it looks so much like a R6 :grin: [​IMG][​IMG]

    flame suit ready [​IMG]

  6. You'll find you'll get a hot ass only on very hot days. The rest of the time it'll just be toasty warm :)

    Good colour scheme mate, I think there were only about 30 of this colour brought into Aus?

    Well done! You'll love it! :cool:
  7. Congrats on the bike Adam.

    unfortunately when I see a bike like that I have to start chanting again "I love my GS, I love my GS". Just to try to covince myself that I should keep my bike for at least 18 months.

    or I could just visit the bank manager......

    Let's just say it's Jealousy 1 - Rob 0.
  8. Congrats
    Remember its new and your riding nice and slow and getting used to it

    As long as the honda is moving its nice and cool, sit at the lights and it gets warm.

    You will appreciate it in winter....not so much in the last week
  9. wow nice bike!

    I have the same issue on my r6, and had the same issue on my spada, and on my mates rv4, and my mates zxr750.

    Put simply you'll feel the heat on all bikes... i personally dont think it's a big issue, especially since you've got a brand new cbr in your garage!
  10. That is a FANTASTIC looking colour scheme.

    You'd almost buy one without bothering to test ride it.
  11. she is a beauty, congrats and welcome to the CBR gang :) lol

    re: your question about heat ... yes, the chassis gets hot and is right under the tank. You need to hold the tank with your tighs in a way that they dont touch the metal. It only takes short while to get used to it.

    Now off you go and get some mods on her! (see my thread in the mod area, just put on a new slip-on, she sounds amazing)
  12. Brand spanker?

    If so whatcha gonna do to get the extra oomph outa it?
  13. Yes brand spanker. I will twist the throttle if i need extra oomph I guess. I will probably eat these words later but I dont see myself needing anymore power than it has.

    Taking it nice and easy. Have to run it in first anyway, have only rev'd it to 7k and not more than ~100km/h.

    Might try and take it for a ride after work one night this week now it is cooler.

    Was also toying with the idea of getting some black exhaust wrap to reduce the radiant heat. I will see how it is on a normal day, then HTFU and only then do it.
  14. very very noice bike.
    love the colour scheme... where do i get one? what year is that?
  15. It is a 2008 bike. The colour scheme is called Tri Colour. Apparently there are only 30 floating around. I got mine at New World Honda. I think they have 1 or 2 left.
  16. Yeah the scheme sure is nice, alpinestars makes some awesome leathers to go with that
  17. Nice color scheme :) At least three of the 30 are on netrider :p

    With running in, only thing you should remember is not to redline it, or rev it hard when its cold... other than that ride it like you plan to and take your time to get used to a new bike :)

    Iv got 3k on mine now...

  18. Nice bike mate!
  19. Hot tanks on hot days seems to be a Honda characteristic. We have had a couple of threads about this. Try to park in the shade.

    Don't know the specs on your new bike but earlier 600s have a tiny fuel capacity. After being dry and stalled at the lights twice I now make sure I fill up when the trip meter gets around 150.