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Another near SMIDSY

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bulby, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. On the freeway today going home. I was going to change lane to my left. Did the usual signal, mirror, head check. Noticed cage 2 lanes left edging to the right, figured he was going to merge into the same lane I was going to, so I waited - still with my signal flashing, keeping an eye on him.

    He did his head check and looked in my general direction. "OK, he MIGHT have seen me" but to be sure, I waited a couple of seconds for any sign of him changing lane, nothing. Thinking it was safe afterall, I switched lane. Then a second later, guy started changing lane, THEN signal on, THEN he did another head check half-way in. I was back in the right lane at this point.

    Guy had that "oh shiii where did he come from?" look. Gave him the le sigh + slow head shake, and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

    Moral of the story: Glad I didn't completely trust that he's seen me.
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    Here's your mistake: Your stuck in that situation with all that time to stare at him and anticipate his move. Just twist the throttle gun it so to speak up ahead of him and then merge so your well in front of him.
  3. Freeway..... GSX250F...... and 'gunning it'.... could be wrong but , I dont think so.. :p
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    That's good in theory, but we don't know conditions at the time. Like, is there enough space to do that? What about dropping back a bit, and moving over?
    What you say is good advice, but it has to be possible.
  5. I always thought dropping back and moving over is the safer and smarter option, attemping a sped up take over could involve more risk..
  6. Not enough room in front and my lane was ending (lane closed).

    But yeah. In hindsight, I should've dropped back. Which was what I ended up doing after dodging the missile anyway :p
  7. I had a near smidsy today... Turn into the lane where our garage comes off of and some guy is pissing on the wall there! If I wasn't careful I would have got some splashback. I said "Are you right there mate" and I swear there was a "sorry mate, I didn't see you!" in there....
  8. I had a lady in a shiny new landcruiser the other day pull right in front of my on the goldie, its a 4 lane highway, nobody in the captain slow lane 1(far left) and nobody in the overtaking lane(far right) she was in lane 2 and i was in lane 3.
    I would of been doing about 110 and she would of been doing 100. No indicators she starts coming into my lane, quick toot toot of the useless horn, quick head check and i move over into the other lane. She got a good fright as i looked at her with my fist in the air as she put her hand on her chest :D

    I think she got a good fright :D