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Another naked bike fan!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Maximus, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Hey guys. the question might have been asked a few thousand times but i'll still go for it. I love naked bikes and would like to ask your opinions on GSR600,FZ6N,Monsters and alike. Really like the look of GSR 600. But know nothing about any of them. Which one would be the most all round bike??? I do fair bit of high way+traffic on daily basis.

    Thanks a lot for your opinions.

  2. You'll get a heap of differing views.

    Test ride as many as you can

    But for my money - I'd be looking at something like an SV650 or VFR or Firestorm or the Monster you've already suggested. IMHO nothing like a VTwin :cool:

    Good luck in your search
  3. i know it is not on your list, but my naked gsx1400 is on it way.. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. Test ride a Speed Triple and Buell Lightning.
  5. Amen.

    My next street/naked bike will be Ducati Monster 695 or Aprilia Shiver 750.
  6. this post may contain a nude picture!!!:grin:

    did somebody say 'naked'? :grin:
  7. I know i've started thhis post originally asking opinions about naked bikes out there but i got a magazine from Honda in the mail a few days ago. And there it was the all new, updated, upgraded, tuned up to suit even the street riders, slightly lowered, amazingly torquey in the mid range Honda CBR600RR... Even me who was always all in for the naked bikes, I was kinda thinking twice.... Very tempting... Will be definitely waiting for more reviews of anyone who actually tried the new one on the road, but ggggggeeeeee it looks hot!!!!
  8. Re: this post may contain a nude picture!!!:grin:

    What is that silver object lodged beneath her?
  9. FZ6N

    Just wanted to add my two bobs worth on this subject, have only been riding for about a year now, and my first bike was a little Honda TA200, great bike to learn on too, liked the upright feel, which is what i wanted to keep when i recently upgraded... only the other day actually...

    I test road a Yamaha FZ6N and immediately knew it was the bike for me, so easy to ride, really good feel to it... now i havent ridden that many bike i guess, but I have read a few posts which have given this bike both a wrap and a good bagging... I like it.. its all personal taste, but Honda in Sydney City have a demonstrator in there that I rode, go and give it a test ride.... so far I cannot fault this bike at all... there may well be much better out there, but I am very very happy with it so far!!!
  10. The 4 cylinder bikes are all detuned sports bikes, usually a generation or so 'old'. 4s rev hard and lack torque at low revs, and are dead smooth. The twins and Triumphs offer a more linear, and shorter, powerband. And they vibrate more. The Speed Cripple splits the difference rather nicely.

    Neither approach is 'wrong', but chances are one style will appeal to you a lot more than the other.... so like they said, test ride if you can.

    And bear in mind Japanese bikes ARE cheaper and easier to own in the long run, if this is important to you.
  11. thanks for your opinions guys! speed triple...don't even know what to say.i like the looks of the bike a lot.definitely my cup of beer.but id on't really know much about them.you're probably the first person telling me any info on them firsthand.all i know is from mag reviews,which as far as i understand can't be trusted all the time.i'd love to get a bike that would last me for ages and a cheaper or more expensive cost of running the thing wouldn't concern me too much at this point.as for fz6n-that was probably one the first bikes i've ever wanted to get,but more and more leaning towards dukati monster 620.always loved them.how would they compare to speed triple even though i know the cc are different???
    thanks once again for helping
  12. Oi mate have a look at the kawasaki er6n, brand new they are $9690....doesnt get much cheaper and they are awesome/weird looking bikes. Def. check em out.
  13. 620 will get eaten alive by the speed triple... Also look at the newly released street triple is a 675cc naked based on the Daytona 675 it looks HOT
    I get of restrictions next year and thinking naked too my list
    hornet 600 (new model)
    suzuki sv650 or sv650s
    Ducati monster 800 (has poor brakes I'm told)
    Triumph Street Triple
    I'll have to take them all for a spin and make my mind up.
  14. from what ive read there is a bees dick between an FZ6 and the GSR600. the monster, well its a ducati and puts out considerably less power than the 4 pots if kW is what concerns you. i found the fz6 a bit meh. but then again im into the twins, fours dont do much for me. street triple looks like an absolute belter. most engine parts are common with the daytona. only downside is the wait. the world press release was only last month, i recall the release here is end of the year.

  15. I have just recently bought a Ducati 695. I'm really enjoying the bike, but there are a few things to be aware of before you buy one.

    The new Ducati's run very lean and are geared very tall to pass Euro 3 emission regulations. They also have a 'closed loop' engine management system which can make it harder to muck around with the engine.

    There are few 3rd party engine computer options at the moment so for some models (the 695 in particular) you don't have much choice other than the Ducati Performance upgrade options.

    There are some reports of engine enamel melting on 695s and some 800s because they run hot due to the lean fuel mixture. Also, with a bike that's already running lean it's not a good idea to increase the airflow with a bigger exhaust because that exacerbates the problem unless you can change the air/fuel mix (new computer).

    All of the problems with the 695 can be fixed with the Ducati Performance Airbox / ECU / Exhaust kit, but that is a $2000 option.

    I'll admit I wasn't fully aware of these things before I bought the bike, nor what it would all mean. Would it have changed my purchase decision? Not one bit. However, if you want a Ducati and you want an easier road to modding it, you may be better served with an older M750, M800 or M900.
  16. just one thing i forgot to mention, the service interval on an FZ6 for a major service is 40000kms, compared to the standard 24000 for most of the other jap bikes. something to consider if service costs concern you. and they might if you do lots of commuting ks.
    comparing a speed triple with a monster is pretty silly. appart from the 500cc difference, 2 valve desmo v. 4 valve DOHC?? no wonder it will eat it 5 times over... the monster 600 etc isnt a "fast bike" anchors and suspenders are second to none, thats why they demand a slightly higher price. but you wouldnt buy one for ball tearing acceleration and a seat of the pants power curve. i was considering buying one, but in the end i settled for what i knew and loved, the VTR and i havnt looked back.
    so far as what you read in your honda email, that the new 600rr is a compromise is pretty funny. EVERY single review i've read for it said it was far more track orientated than its predecesors.
    and with what bangalla was saying, if you commute in a fair bit of stop start traffic, a lean running air/oil cooled motor will get pretty unhappy, especially in summer.

    yes i am crapping on, and yes i wish i was out with my mates tearing up the putty. but no, im stuck at work...

  17. i was looking at nakes for the last couple of months, had a ride of the speed triple, and the fz6, hated the fz6 - absoulty loved the speed triple, had a ride of the daytona 675 and am now i am proudly on the waiting list for the new street triple, ETA November!!!!
  18. I didn't like th FZ6N when I test riding even though it was the bike that I really wanted when I upgraded.

    Anyway - after testriding a few bikes I found the Z750 to be the best bike for me.

    Maybe you should check it out! :)
  19. i didn't like the FZ6n, it doesn't have the mid range torque a 600 naked is sposed to have.

    In my opinion there are only 2 choices:
    Honda Hornet 600
    Triumph Street Triple (675)

    both are aweome.