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Another N00b

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dirtos, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Just got my L's and looking forward to all the tips I can pick up from here, dont have a bike yet but will be coming soon...

    PS: anyone know why I cant login using tapatalk on android? It says the usergroup I belong to does not have permission?


  2. Welcome to NR

    Tapatalk? no idea, im having the same issue!
  3. Hello Dirtos. Plenty of tips and advice on here, mate.

    Welcome to NR, and the two wheeled life.
  4. Hi again,

    Figured out why tapatalk wont work I think? I need to become a paid member, which I will do ASAP, now just to get a bike and get some skills up so its more fun and less stressful as I was fairly crap when getting my licence LOL, and waited way too long to do it.

    Thanks again all
  5. Welcome to NR. Tassie is a beautiful place. Been there 4 times now in the car and everytime I've wanted to ride there. Didn't have the bike then but maybe in the future, will take the bike down there and circum navigate the whole island inc. Bruny Island. :)

    What bike are you getting?
  6. Welcome to NR! I have never been to Tas but when i do, it will be on the bike touring!
  7. Trust me...that place is awesome! My next trip will be aboard the spirit of tassie with my gf (yamaha). :)

    Maybe get a few NR's together and do a road trip. Now THAT will be awesome.
  8. Welcome from one cold place to a damn cold place lol
    Tassie tours is usually Feb or Jan ask greybm
  9. But I'm interested in a LAZY tour. :) It would be hard to keep up with them experienced riders.

    Anyway..will see what happens then.
  10. Raj by that time you'll cruise it, they get down for about a week i believe. Tassie is beautiful!! havent been there for years, best seafood, fresh air, lottsa little devils lol
  11. Beautiful place, Tassie! I can keep going again and again. Have a lot of memories with the 4 trips I've taken with the missus.

    Next time I'll take the mistress. :D
  12. my missus thinks the people are strange, i reckon they're very nice. hmm difference of an opinion makes for a good marriage lol
  13. Welcome to NR and enjoy the riding world.
  14. I should be lot better by then but I still would like to have a laaazy cruuuisey tour. Its too beautiful of a place to just do it quickly. I want to stop & have coffee/drink 10 times a day at different places. You know what I mean.

    Anyways...I think we're hijacking this thread. So no more discussion on Tass.