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Another N00b.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SirHunts, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Hi Ya'll,

    Just another kid with a big dream of getting a bike.
    Been saving for a while, just gotta make time for that darn pre-learner course.

    I have nothing against it, just really hard to get those days off you know?

    But anyway pretty much wanted motorbikes since i was kid, and the last two years developed a real liking for riding on roads as i got my P's and such.
    But funny how parents will never allow you to get a motorbike, let alone help finance to get one of these pretty pieces of machinary.

    Anyways, Been reading on Netrider for these passed two years, and i figured signing up will make me get this course so i can be on the road with these fellow riders.

    So excited, the dreams coming true!

  2. Good luck SirHunts!
  3. Welcome good Sir.

    What sort of bike are you lusting over?
  4. Dreams. I want all? Is that fair?

    From Daytonas, to Harley's?

    First bike hopefully, the might Ninja 250r
    Then possibly 600 Contesting between the honda, kwaka possibly the Suzuki.
    Gosh so many bikes so little money):

    Any ideas where i should be looking? Whats the best?

    Ps, i Dont need speed. Just accleration from those dangerous cagers at lights.
    comfort for 190cm and 67kg?
  5. welcome to the forum.