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Another n00B eats the gravel

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by thedragonreborn, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Hey Peps,

    Well, I went down! Got my first taste of the pavement on Tuesday night (On the way to the coffee meet!). What happened?

    Cruising along Paramatta road at about 30 kmh when Mr Ute in front braked hard, which forced me to brake hard aswell, locked up the front and went for a little slide, I released the front brake to stay upright, however the ute had now stoped and I was heading for his tray, so I braked again and went down like a sack of sh!t.

    It all happened so quickly. Firstly I blame myself for not giving me enough room and partly blame the surface quality of Paramatta road. But such is life and I have learned from my mistakes!

    I am fine! No major damage (only my pride), hell I even still made the coffee meet, however I was alittle pi$$ed. But Panthus and the crew cheered me up. Big thanks to MickyB for a ride home in his Soccer mum car. :p

    Now, Importantly! My Bike. Its not to bad, but its unridable. So a need to fix it. Damage:

    Cracked OilSump
    Smashed Pedels and Gear Leavers
    Heaps of Cosmetic Damage!

    So, I live in Paddington and I need peoples recommendations of a good mechanic! Anyone know of any?

    Also, Cheer me up! does anyone else have any war stories about paramatta road. I feel like such a nooob.

  2. There's close motorcycles in redfern, about a 3 minute walk from central station, at least thats nice and close. Daryl the guy who runs it seems pretty honest and has been at it for donkeys years.
  3. lol, not a fun experience hey. similar thing happened to be except i didn't have time to break. i swerved before i knew it i was lying in the gutter with a broke ankle and looking at my skinned hands thinking "only a 5 minute ride, i wont need gloves - good one idiot!"
  4. Damn sorry to hear it! Glad your OK.

    Sick of Sydney's road surfaces eh? Come to Canberra with me haha.

    As for mechanics you could try:

    Clubman Motorcycles
    Ph: 9519 9991
    376 Princes Highway ST PETERS

    Supposedly this guy is really quite good, but it's a small outfit and he's meant to be really busy.
  5. it was unfortunate to have it happen. good thing is your a ok.
  6. sorry to hear m8. great your jumping straight back on the horse :)
  7. Hey man that sucks to hear still glad you are ok. I guess it was a bit of a steep learning curve.
  8. Good to hear you're OK, but that really sucks. Sorry to hear about the damage to the bike, but as said above, it's all part of the learning curve.

    Good luck with the repairs and getting back on two wheels. :)
  9. I saw for myself how cranky you were. main thing is you are ok.
    These guys are good and Honda specialists.

    Beaconsfield Motorcycle Sumermarket (don't let the name put you off)
    376 Botany Road
    Beaconsfield 2015
    Ph 9318 0008
  10. sorry to hear dood...

    good luck with the repairs!
  11. eerrrrhhhmmm . . .
    I think Subaru market it for the modern hip&cool outdoorsy folk ! :LOL:

    Hope everything goes okay Stephen !
    My baby is off the road also, the diagnosis is being done this thursday ! :(
  12. Ouch! All the best with the repairs mate.

  13. :LOL: :LOL: You still made it to the meet :applause:

    As for Micky car :bolt:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Parra road is a shocker hey. narrow. bumpy, inconsistent surfaces..can't say i've had the honor oh laying down on the road but glad you are alright.

    Eck..repairs should be alright...all our bikes are simply bolted together anything....VTR eater huh...maybe we can test that one you get it back and runnin....just not on parra road
  15. thats sucks man, lucky you were alright.

    i nearly crashed on friday. i was stopped at some traffic lights on anzac pde, there wasnt enough room for me to lane split up the middle, but then the right hand lane got the green to turn right. there was only about 3 cars so that lane way empty pretty quick, so me being a dickhead decided to cruise up there and sit in front of the traffic. but halfway to the front of the traffic the fcuking lights turned green. i know theres usually not much time from when the left/right lanes get the green then the main traffic gets the green, but i thought i had enough time.

    but before i knew it the light was green and i am stupidly accelerating hard to get in front of them before the front cars get to the median (?) strip on the other side. halfway there i realise its going to be too close, so i brake, and brake too hard, the front brakes lock up and i slide across the second half of the intersection and into the right turning lane into the oncoming traffic lucky that lane was empty and stayed empty til i could get back in the right lane.

    that SUCKED and will never be so stupid again.
  16. Bad news man. But, lived to fight another day which is the main thing.

    Ditto on close motorcycles. Have had a few servicings done there and they seem pretty good.
  17. Parramatta road is a battle ground. i learnt to keep my distance after a few close calls and friends stories of this road.

    good to see your alright and pride does mend.

    I travel this road alot and heavy braking is a common occurance.

    Beware of travelling beside cars on this road and being in blindspots, I swear frustration gets to drivers who change lanes without checking.

    Good luck and safe riding. We all dent our pride once in a while.
  18. Freakin hell Shane!!!

    Thats a crazy stunt you tried to pull! Why couldn't you just merge in? I'm sure the cagers would be pissed but hey they'd get over it and you wouldn't have to try and shoot the gap like you did!

    (Ps- my first ride on the road was test-riding a bike me = cheeky)
  19. i couldnt merge in. the speed i was going and the danger factor of the drivers not looking out the corner of their eye's to where traffic should not be merging from would be too sketchy. alot of drivers fool around the the cd player etc after just pulling away from a set of lights.
  20. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the replys! Netriders a great little community! I think I will be taking it to Close, because it not to far away. Hope fully its not going to take to long to fix.

    Tech Question! How hard is it to re-tune my balius(zr250) to a Zx2r setup? Same engines I believe, if its not to hard, might get that done while I am in the shop!