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Another MOST, going for Ps

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AtraVita, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. So, I'm booked to do the MOST course and test on tuesday at Clyde.
    I'm not sure if I'm nervous or not, I think I just need asurance that I CAN pass and not start stressing out tomorrow.
    I seen on the rta site that there's 8 elements or something tested, dose anyone know what they all are?

    Basicaly, whats your tips to passing the test, what did you get points for, what did you find hardest or what made you/someone else fail?

    Also, would anyone like to join me at Prince Of Wales Dr for a bit of practice tomorrow (monday)?
  2. I believe in you.
  3. +1. :grin:

    Just look at the RTA's website and it'll tell you what to practice.

    The test is really not to difficult. All of it is slow tight stuff. Just find an empty car park and practice it.
  4. Most people seem to have trouble with the cone-weave and the U-Turn.

    Your Garage says you ride a CB250, so you've already got an advantage there - standard/naked bikes tend to have a tighter turning circle than sportsbikes and cruisers without resorting to Super U-Turn Technique.

    But you might as well learn proper U-turn technique.. Shifting your weight to the outside, tipping the bike in, etc. Particularly if you plan on going to a sportsbike or cruiser in the future.

    On a 'standard' motorcycle, correct technique makes the turning circle laughably small. Space and time fold in on themselves and compress - Your bike was facing North; now it's facing South.

    https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=833530#833530 <-- that's the most recent writeup I've done on the technique. Follow the links in that post. :)
  5. The Test is pretty easy

    just dont do something stupid like no head check or stalling motor.

    tha last test the tennis ball swerve is the one that can stuff you, all the others you can stuff up and still pass, you only loose points on the box and cones, just remember better going outside the box than putting your foot down. ( if you do both your stuffed) anyway its a huge box and your not riding a goldwing.

    the tennis ball swerve, if you do it correct like i did and the guy says your 1kph under you only get one more go, they dont care if your speed is over so i gunned it on my second go to make sure i was over the speed, but i did find out its slightly harder to swereve and correct, so try and aim for a couple k's above the minimum to save you doing it again

    anyway i passed and didnt lose any points, you dont lose points having a second try, but its less nerve wrecking to pass first go.
  6. I did mine a few weeks ago at clyde as well. You get a good chance to learn and practice all the test elements so don't be too worried, if you've been riding frequently it shouldn't be too hard.

    Although everyone in my group passed we all lost points because we didn't headcheck. It's too easy just to concentrate on what you need to do on each run that you forget to headcheck. So remember headcheck headcheck headcheck. Three points each time you forget.
  7. Three points for forgeting a headcheck?! :eek: Thats criminal! Now see why its possible to fail just becaues of them.

    So other than the cone weave, the U-turn and headchecks, what other problem points might I encounter?

    And thanks for the respose everyone.
  8. didnt you read my answer

    the tennis ball swerve, watch out! ^^^^^^ shock:
  9. Oops sorry Tomcatalex I left the obstacle turn out. :oops:

    So I was just looking at the rta download about the MOST (again) and it has diagrams of the "Left turn and Stop in the box", "Cone weave and U-turn", "(emergency) Braking" and "Obstacle turn".
    Is that everything you get tested on, theres nothing else? really?
  10. thats it, I think they are supposed to check out your road riding skills too, each rider has to ride in front of the instructor, but not sure if they mark you on that or not.

    anyways i think youre probably passed by now if your doing your test this morning, youll read this and its all over mate.
  11. how did you go? :)
  12. Yeah, hope you aced it :cool:
  13. pass or fail??
  14. either he passed and is riding around non stop with a smile on his face or he failed and doesnt want to man up to the shame of failure :D :D
  15. Any tips for the VIC Ps? Or is it just too easy, that no tips are needed?
  16. I hoped you passed, I'm going for mine on Saturday.
  17. Did mine last Friday. 3 people there admitted to not owning a motorcycle, or even a helmet! And had not ridden a bike since the L's test. One girl rode there on her bike, and dropped the practice bike (not during the test only during the practice) and slipped the clutch and nearly dropped it during the test, but everyone passed. i was pretty nervous, but after seeing that i had more experience riding than anyone else on the day i figured i was in the best position. Don't ride too fast into the swerve test because it makes it much harder. Just don't drop the bike or put your foot down and you should be fine. All in all, was very easy to do, i actually got sick of all the practice and just wanted to do the test and go home. All things considered i think the test is a bit too easy, some of the people there (who like i said ALL PASSED) i wouldn't want to encounter on my bike, or in my car either! Be confident and you will be fine.

    i did mine at Hoppers by the way [VIC]