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Another Mobile Phone User

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mizz ZZR, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. However, this one was riding a motorcycle squid style while overtaking me in the right lane of the Westgate Freeway.

    Right hand on the throttle, left hand either reading or texting, couldn't tell. He finished whatever he was doing, put it in his shorts pocket and zoomed off.

    Rego plate was MADAL, if anyone is interested...

    Isn't it bad enough that cagers are doing it, without dickhead rider worsening our name?
  2. Got to love his desire for death so quick.

    Common sence goes along way, but not for that rider.
  3. :shock: :shock: :shock: Damn . Some people :roll:
  4. Not very smart at all. Al is truly, truly mad indeed.
  5. The text of MADAL's SMS:

    "OMFG im gonna die like the squid i am"


    "i wnt sum rd rsh"
  6. I've done it before just to see if i could do it. Too much effort involved & no fun.
    Even worse is when you go to answer your phone and put it up to the side of your helmet 8)

  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Personally when my phone rings (on vibrate) in the pocket, I mash the keypad to answer, and wring the neck of the engine for a few seconds :)

    Many a times that person will call me back later and say, "I called you, but you were on the bike..."

  9. i just turn mine off. thats what message bank is for.

    there is nothing that important that can't wait till i stop
  10. If someone plans to use there mobile while riding, maybe the first call should be to "000" to book the ambulance, could not think of anything more dangerous!
  11. If my phone goes off when riding I cannot even hear it and because it sits in the tankbag then I cannot feel the vibrate either. I may even remember to check it when I stop but do not count on it. :):):)
  12. I once tried to answer my phone whilst sitting at the lights, felt it vibrate, managed to get it out.... then ran into 3 problems...

    1. had helmet on, so couldnt talk to the phone
    2. Couldnt press "answer" with bike gloves on
    3. Couldnt put phone back in pocket quick enough when light went green
  13. Ditto, for sure. What could be THAT important that you would risk your life for it? Lotto phoning? They'll ring back, and if they don't get you, they keep the money for 7 years don't they?
  14. hey good idea.... i never have credit so cant call people back, and dont have msg bank either.
  15. I can personally vouch for the fact that mobile phones and bikes are dangerous. :LOL:

    I pulled in to the side of the road to make a phone call a couple of years ago - hit some oil and put myself off work for 2 months. If I hadn't been wanting to use the phone it would never have happened... :wink:
  16. Ring Ring ,your undertaker is on hold ,Oh sorry madal cant take your call now hes in a meeting and presently under the wheels of a TRUCK
  17. Ring Ring .... Hallo .... Sorry madal cant come to the phone now hes in a meeting under the wheels of a TRUCK.
  19. I got it,

    maybe he was about to do something off the scale and was dialing 00 so all he had to do was dial the third 0 and hit the green button for faster ambulance access ;)