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Another Milestone

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by smidsy, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Hei Guys,
    Been pottering around (first Bribie Island now Townsville) since January on my XVS650, slowly building up miles and going for longer and longer rides but not venturing out of town.

    Decided to take the bike to work on Tuesday (and every day since) which requires going through a 100 zone - I haven't been comfortable above 80 yet.

    Anyway, got in the 100 zone, get to 100 and felt comfortable so I ended being naughty and taking it up to 115 very briefly - it's only about 2k of 100 zone before back down to 80.

    So yeah, slowly gaining hours and experience. I have to admit that at 6'1 and 150kg the XVS650 seems a bit small and strung out beyond 80 for me.
    If work goes well I plan on doing my open and getting a 1200+ cruiser in January.
  2. You hoon
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  3. Quite surprising, really. In my Qride course, we did about 30km of 100km/h zone - on the Bruce Highway of all places.

    It was quite challenging for the guy on the Honda 125e, to say the least.
  4. only thing Quite surprising is the fact it did 115kph , it was not uphill was it?
  5. I was just surprised that it's taken him 10 months to hit 100km/h. Speaks well for his self-control, and him keeping inside his comfort limits. (y)

    I wouldn't think that the V-star would have any trouble hitting 115km/h, even with a buck-fifty on the back.
  6. They make a lot of noise and go nowhere , I was playing with one on the highway the other day , the rider/bike combo sucked so much he started talking into his hand ?,im not sure why. But it did not slow me down.
  7. Guys,
    I did my Q-ride back in January, the 100k zone was a single 5k blast of the Bruce Highway with a servo stop for coffee half away along.
    I commented to the instructor about the test being too easy and was told that DOT deliberately set low standards because otherwise people would just ride unlicenced - he quoted a figure of something like 70% of riders being unlicensed.

    And yeah I am taking it easy - I actually got my learners at 18 and never followed through which wasgood because I would have killed myself.
    However at 42 I am aware of myself and my limitations and have 25 years of car driving experience to transfer to the bike in terms of awareness and the like.

    That said, there are still days I ride like a f*ckwit and I'm still not comfortable leaning the bike over too far in corners - if I get to Brisbane at xmas I'll try and do an advanced riders course.
  8. Awesome restraint smidsy, I was at 100 two days after picking up my bike, just to see if I could. Was a little shocked at how easy it was and went back to practicing on slower roads for a bit. Don't mind winding it out now and mixing it up a bit. (Ride through town and pick a road out that opens up.)
  9. More restraint than I had. Even though I was with an instructor, on my 2nd lesson with him he asked do you feel comfortable going down the highway. I was like yep let's do it.
  10. My instruction period was quite brief.
    I briefly rode a scooter in 09-10 in Perth (bought as cheap transport while the car went in to be undented) but beyond that hadn't ridden a manual bike in about 27 years and had NEVER ridden a manual bike legally on the road.

    I booked two 2 hour lessons with the local Q-Ride assessor, after 2 hours off road training he told me the second lesson was pointless and I should do the assessment - which I did, 2 days later.
  11. You're crazy! Everyone knows you'll die if you exceed 68KPH.
  12. Good on you smidsy

    Yes the safetycrats have always been with us :) I found this quote the oher day from the age of steam.

    "Dear Mr. President: The canal system of this country is being threatened by a new form of transportation known as 'railroads' ... As you may well know, Mr. President, 'railroad' carriages are pulled at the enormous speed of 15 miles per hour by 'engines' which, in addition to endangering life and limb of passengers, roar and snort their way through the countryside, setting fire to crops, scaring the livestock and frightening women and children. The Almighty certainly never intended that people should travel at such breakneck speed."
    -- Martin Van Buren, Governor of New York, 1865(?

    15 miles an hour, ludicrous speeds. ;)