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another mewbie needing help!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shauny, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. hey guys first time ive used this site and i like what i see im about to buy a suzuki bandit 250 and am looking to insure it but the last quote i looked at was RACV at i was over 3 grand so if anybodys got any suggestons for insurance they would be greatly appreciated CHEERS

    P.S has anybody had a good experience buying a bike from sumoto in north melbourne?????????????

  2. Where do we start?

    Don't buy off Sumoto. RACV is not the cheapest for bike insurance - shop around and try Western QBE.

    read through the posts on buying your first bike and on insurance - there is a heap of information.

    Good luck, and welcome to Netrider.
  3. Hey our first mewbie :LOL: (get used to people making fun of spelling mistakes). The bandit's a great little bike - surprised insurance is that high (my mate has his insured with RACV for only around 300 a year - and his record's not perfect :wink:). Plenty of people here talk highly of Western QBE - haven't tried them myself but they might be worth a shot (wait for one of the ads to pop up in the forums). Shannons won't touch anyone under 25. As for Sumoto :LOL: - do a search of the forums, this one's been covered a lot in the past.
  4. Why do I feel like people are conspiring to steal my identity. :shock:
    fcuking stop it! I need to know who I am. :mad: And welcome to the forums.

    You'll just have to shop around. It varies greatly for different people in different circumstances.
    I heard it happened once. But I was told that by a crazy homeless drunk dude who said it happened to a friend of his friends hairdresser's mum. :wink:
  5. Do a search for sumoto on here and all of your questions about them will be anwsered

    You might have to settle for 3rd party for your 1st bike (I had to) because most insurance companies will charge an arm and a leg for a learner < 25 with full comp.
  6. Welcome Shauny, there's heaps of "what to buy, what not to buy and who to avoid" threads here, and lots of people who've recently gone through the same process. You've come to the right place for advice!
  7. Are you an X-files fan?

    Welcome, O green one.
  8. :-k So you think he may be an alien trying to disguise himself as me in order to infiltrate society and take over the world. :-k Your theory makes sense and I'd like you to elaborate further.
  9. cheers

    thanks guys will look around me brother in law said i could insure it under his name so thatll cost me round 500 dollars!!!!!
    as for the bike im preety set on the suzuki bandit so if anybody knows a decent place to get one let me no?????
    thanks again
  10. Re: cheers

    Just how many identities are you planning on assuming this week? :shock:
  11. If you insure the bike under someone else's name, and then YOU crash it, have a guess what will happen when the insurance company finds out??
  12. They'll think he's me and my bloody premium will probably go up! :shock:
  13. Re: cheers

    Bad move bro :wink:

    Dont throw away $500 like that. If you got money to waste, give it
    to me. I'll make good use of it :wink: