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Another Melburnian, new to motorcycling & forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Siilk, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Hi, guys! Another newbie here, still on my Ls. Got by first bike about a month ago, so I still getting used to riding it and being on the road in general, as I have never owned a car before. Oh, and I'm also kinda new to Melbourne, moved in here about half a year ago, so I am really looking forward to making new friends here. Cheers!

  2. welcome to NR, sunny Melbourne and bikes!! Get down to sat morning prac sessions and you'll help thrown your way on anything. well maybe not anything, but bike related you'll get help lol
  3. Hello and welcome, I second the Saturday practice suggestion. Good way to learn handling skills and get out of bad habits and into good habits.
  4. Practice rides? Sounds great! Where are those held at?
  5. Hey mate,
    You commuting on your bike?
  6. do you know the bp servo on beach rd, Elwood, right next to St Kilda marina , car park behind the BP Servo, starts 10am, meet alot of netriders, get great riding tips too
  7. Yeah, I think I know that place. Seen a lot of riders around there, was wondering who they were... I have yet to ride that far from home(I live in Kensington), my longest journey so far is to a nearby gas station, about 4km there and back, so I might not make it this week but I will definitely try to attend the next one. :)

    Not yet but I plan to.
  8. Welcome to NR... And to Melbourne...