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Another Melbournite to walk these hallowed forum walls

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Eskape, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Newbie to Netriders. Have been tralling the forums with much interest over the past week and have been well and truly convinced to throw my hat into the ring. Good to see a like minded bunch offering both good opinions and outlets on a bike subjects close to us all.

    Just stepped off a Ducati 748sp and well and truly upgraded to a out and out maniac of a bike - 07 KTM Superduke! Riot is the only word for it.

    Anyway am especially keen to attend a few ride events with a few of the other Melbournites. So will hopefully see you round!



  2. Welcome eskape.
    hope to see you out on a ride soon.

    If you got some time, give us a review of the Super Duke such an "interesting" bike.
  3. HALLOW!

    Josh, part of the Netrider initiation is letting me have a ride of whatever bike you happen to have. I see it's a Super Duke. So be it, when and where? :grin:
  4. thats way to easy an initiation, I never got off that easy when I first joined up :wink:

    Welcome Josh, get yaself down to a thursday mystery ride or one of the coffee nights, we don't bite hard :p
  5. You b@stard! How dare you purchase my dream bike before me! :p
    Tell us what you think of it when you get to know it.
    You're just down the road from me - I'll keep my eyes and ears open for a sweeeeet V-twin around the neighborhood :)
  6. Hi guys and gals,

    Hmm, no one said anything about an initiation?! In the fine print is it?

    Truth be known, id be reluctant to let anyone ride it, cause theyd never want to give it back. Thats how i ended up buying the damn thing in the first place!

    As for a review, let me give you a sneak peak....it rocks! Ill post something in the coming weeks.