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Another Melbourne Semi-Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by -SpydeR-, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just like to say hello to all existing NR members. I just signed up as I would like to become involved in a forum community of bikers and learn a whole lot about bikes. Since the age of 8 I have always wanted a road bike and know a fair bit about them, but I always want to learn more.

    Hope you will be able to bear with my occasionally newbie questions that I may have from time to time, and don't worry, I'll search before I post. :p

    Finally, I'm looking to get my first road bike next Feb as soon as I'm 18, so I'll be to post a lot more first hand info then. For now, I'll just read up as much as I can to make an informed decision on the gear that I wish to buy as the bike has already been decided upon. Kawa Ninja (EX250) 250R 2010 (When available) ftw!!!

    Anyway that's it from me, for now at least :p
    See you guys and gals around.
  2. welcome bud, ask away, forum serves no purpose without n00b questions :)
  3. welcome, enjoy it round here and enjoy the wait till you get riding! :LOL:
  4. Stop teasing. :mad: I can't wait till I get on the bike. Counting down the days, lol :p
  5. welcome to NR :)
  6. Welcome to NR.... make sure you check all the discussions as there will be many things you find that will be handy to you... Bike and Gear reviews etc are all handy.
    Enjoy searching for the bike that fits you best.
  7. hahah, that will make it seem longer! i hope the time flies till then :)
  8. Evening SpydeR

    How cool!

    Pre-ordered? Or just going to help them unload at the docks :wink:

  9. Welcome. Search function is your friend!
  10. Nope, no pre-orders just yet. I'm turning 18 at the start of Feb, so I'll have to wait till then to get my L's and my Kawa Ninja. Hopefully the 2010 model won't be in such high demand by then, so I can get one without waiting too long.
  11. Thus the magic of Pre-ordering > knowing you'll get one. Too young to pre-O, or shop not taking Pre-Os yet?

    Extra waiting would be a B3atch.

  12. dun get a brand new bike...your gona have to ride it in, service it lalala and if you do drop it your gona be :tantrum: ](*,) :( then your gona realise its gona be slow and you;ll wana upgrade once off your restrictions and sell it anyway. get a 2nd hand bike, if you like ninjas maybe a 09 08 one.

    brand new bike wont hold its value as a 2nd hand one does. Esp if you drop it. which you probs will, dont say oh no im good i wont drop i and be macho, stats beg to differ.

    PLus if you wana learn more about bikes and fixing them, you can actually do stuff to your bike if its 2nd hand. if you go brand new, you cant do anything till warnty goes out or risk a void, thus wont learn much. (best way to learn is experience)

    Thats my 2 cents. decision is still up to you.

    wait you said first road bike? does that mean you have dirt bike experience?
  13. can you still get bike Ls when 17.75 in vic? something to look into.
    start saving too :)
    what side of town you from?
    come along to a coffee night if you can, or try and hitch a pillion ride on a thurs or something.
    welcome :D
  14. Hey mate,

    After reading your post, I can see where you're coming from although I've always been a person who wants everything new :p That's not to say that I will be ignoring your advice, although I'll need to think about it. Also I've seen that Ninja 250R's hold close to their RRP so spending that extra 1k or so to get it new isn't too much of a worry for me.

    In regards to your question, I had a Yamaha PeeWee when I was 8 for a couple of years, so I know how to keep my balance etc, but then again, it isn't really considered much of a motorbike, so let's just say I have no experience, unless you consider that experience? Although I am familiar in the theory department on gear shifting and operation of controls.
  15. hmmm you drive a car?
  16. gotta be 18 before you can get any form of bike license nibs :)
  17. On L's at the moment. Why do you ask?

    And you don't really consider riding a PeeWee experience, yea?
  18. riding is riding.

    some of the best started off in the dirt :D
  19. Believe me, I'll probably never be one of those, although I might on the off chance come close :p Yea I guess you're right, riding is riding no matter if it's a full size dirt bike or a lil PeeWee. I guess that's where my interest in bikes originated, so it's a good thing that I rode them. :) :cool:

    At least come the Learners Course, I'll already be used to sitting on 2 wheels going around 40-50 km/h and therefore it will allow me to concerntrate more on gear shifting and looking where I'm going :p
  20. experience on the road. if you;ve been driving you understand and can cope better with traffic than someones whos never been in traffic. forgot your 17 and on Ls...that throws it out the window.

    Being on any sort of bike is a experience. less to think about when riding. when i first started riding i was like: car, oh sh%t change gear, car, van, whats that prick doin, oh sh*t change gear, bump...oops too much throttle....crap stalled it....etc you get my drift.