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Another Melbourne-ite

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cowy, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm Peter and I've recently decided to get a bike again after a few years on 4 wheels.
    The kids are bigger, the wife is gone... time to ride!!
    I live up north of the city and am soooo sick of the commute, rising fuel costs, tolls and parking so it makes sense to me, plus a friend of mine from work has got 2 new bikes this year and seems much happier everytime he rides in and has inspired me. I used to have a Triumph Thnderbird Sport 1999 (got it brand new back in '99) but it ended up in the shed too much because of the guilt trips I had to go on when I wanted to go for a cruise so I ended up selling it in '02 and have been 4 wheeling ever since. My first bike was a Honda QA50 and I grew up screaming around paddocks and dirt roads getting bigger and better dirt bikes until Uni took me to the city and into an LC Torana.

    I'm planning on getting a Sprint GT 1050 just as soon as I can get the $$$ together... I've also settled on a new lid (Shoei XR1100 Diabolic Fued, White with Black Skulls). They've come down in price a lot and I've heard they are a good helmet, my 15 year old AGV is probably not going to save my skull (I've never dropped a bike but I don't want the first time to be the LAST!)

    In the meantime I'll probably just hang around here talking shit and being jealous of you guys but I'll try not to biatch too much.

    Oh, for all of you going to the Moto GP, have fun and ride safe, should see you there next year. :)

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  2. Welcome Peter,
    Good luck with the bike. Hope it's not too long for you.
    See you on a ride.
  3. Welcome Peter, that was quite an introduction :) hope you get the cash together for the bike soon.
  4. Welcome (back) Peter, all I can say is that a break away from riding makes the comeback very sweet.
  5. welcome aboard peter :]
  6. Welcome back to bike world and to NR.

    Best of luck for the bike purchase.

    When you get the bike, come around to the Saturday practice..
  7. Update: Got my shit together and got me a sweeeet 2015 Triumph Sprint GT as promised... had it 4 weeks now, lovin it!! :]:]:]
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  8. Howdy, Welcome to NR!
  9. Good decision!!!!