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Another MC in the news for speeding. 138 in a 60 zone.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. This rider got done fair and square. Just thought I'd share the article for those that hadn't seen it yet.


    Sunshine eh? Anyone we know?

  2. How long are they allowed to impound the bike for?
  3. wasnt me!! im 27, and at home for the moment anywayz :p

    i think if you are that late that you feel you have to speed to that degree, you might as well just cop the late arrival on the chin.
  4. Bloody Suzuki riders :twisted: :twisted:

    Well he was asking for trouble wasn't he? 138kmph at Docklands :)
  5. What a bollix, Footscray Rd is good for those speeds.
  6. I'll betcha it was the pile (4) of Motorcycle cops parked at the citylink overpass pulling truckies over. I went past at about 10:30 this morning.

    Dickhead. Wrong place to be going that quick.
  7. An SV650 can do 138?!?!?
  8. Eh? What with all the recent TAC ads?

    I've not even seen one of them on TV yet. Heard them a couple of times on the radio, spouting the incredibly blatant distortion of the truth that speeding is responsible for killing the majority of people on Victoria roads.

    It's fairly common knowledge by now that for TAC internally, "speeding" means going too fast for the conditons regardless of the stated speed limit, otherwise the accident would've been avoided, and that's what they mean by "speeding", but that's not how it's enforced now, is it?

    I have no knowledge of the offender, or his scenario. It might have been deliberate, or it might have an a spurt away from some lights before backing off (most likely), or whatever. Until we know more about the actual circumstances, and the section of road that he was caught on, I'm not prepared to draw and quarter him on some number alone.
  9. It was probably one of our guys test-riding for their upgrade :LOL:
    Well, by the time you're able to get off a 250, you're grabbing a handful of throttle a fair chunk of the time. Transfer that onto a gixxa :shock: . Or maybe they were running in a new bike the Motoman method "I'm just sealing my rings, officer :grin: "
  10. The TAC ads were about "drivers" slowing down not riders, jeez how are we supposed to know they meant us as well. I blame the TAC it's all their fault :wink:
  11. Agreed Stew! I'm sick and tired of the focus on speed alone as the focused cause of all accidents, because it suits the prevailing politics. Obviously speed has an effect in ALL accidents (If none of us were moving at all - we'd never collide), but the rationale is corrupt.
    A quick burst from the lights on a decent bike will see 100+ veeery quickly - Not that I've ever done that of course...
  12. Footscray Road, as Loz pointed out is good for 238 not just 60.

    Its 4 lanes wide and designed to carry huge arse trucks.
  13. Speeding in a 60 zone means f-all nowadays, considering three and four lane major arterials are posted at 60.
    Footscray road has how many lanes???
    They can shove their definition of hooning right up their one-way street.

    Looks dramatic in black ink though.
  14. ^ I agree with Vic. I just think the blokes a bit thick when there were flashing lights and fluro cop bikes visible from 200+mtrs away. I regularly ride above 60 on Footscray Rd. At the moment it's 9 lanes wide in some points!
  15. Not lately, heap of road works going on lately.. so speed been change to 60 & 70, instead of 70 & 80.. heh wasnt me, I dont ride a suzuki anymore ;)
  16. Wonder how long he has lost his license for...1 month was bad enough :shock: ....but im guessing its nothing to what he will be getting! :grin:
  17. You finally say the light and bought a decent bike :p
  18. Footscray Rd is 60km/h??

    oooooops :oops:
  19. Read the article noob.

    Ring Hubie :LOL:

    Will be min 12mths (unless its appealed successfully @ County Court).
  20. stuck in second?

    lame I know but it hadn't been said yet