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Another man's Musketeers

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by hornet, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. I posted the pics I took in the main thread, but I wanted to wait a couple of days and distill my thoughts.

    It was good to see Alex and Dennis again, and apart from the (easing) rain, the trip to Narooma was easy and without incident. I was mainly concerned with my fuel consumption, since I hadn't run right to reserve since my recent carburettor overhaul, and Narooma was right at the limits of the tank capacity, or so I thought. As it turned out, I went onto reserve at exactly 200kms and refilled at Narooma at 230kms, where the bike took 11.04 litres. With a 16 litre tank that would seem to have had a fair bit left, but never having filled it from bone empty, I had no idea how much of that remaining 4 and a bit litres would get pulled through. As it turned out the next leg, to Cann River, was exactly the same distance, and the bike duplicated, to .01 of a litre, the amount of fuel used!

    Time to head off to work, I'll complete this tonight :).
  2. Moved from NSW Events, have PMed the user :p
  3. Events? I must have been half asleep!!


    The road from Cann River to Bombala is as two-faced as a NSW Labor politician; the first half is lots of long fast sweepers, and the second half is one of those 'you can see the next 4 kms from the top of the hill' type roads. Marvin and Neicey and Co. headed off into the middle distance at some rate of knots, while Sled and myself took a more leisurely approach.

    Needless to say we all arrived at varying times, and settled into selecting a room, buying a drink and chatting with the Canberra Crew who'd arrived earlier.

    Our host convinced us to order our dinner earlier, as the rest of the crew were coming and he was the only cook. We did.

    I can recommend the Imperial Hotel steaks; he very modestly suggested that the quality of the meat was the most important factor, but he cooked it to perfection as well.

    As night fell, Alex and Marvin and the gang arrived. All were buzzing about the Bonang road, but one member of the group was a little downcast at having fallen off his bike in a deep drift of gravel in the Hotel car-park!!! We straightened up his brake pedal and all was well. The second wave also dropped their bags in the rooms and ordered food.

    By 9:00pm we were all worried about Skuffy and the Melbourne crew, but the roar of the 1400's exhaust announced their arrival a few minutes later and soon the already-crowded parking area was chock-a-block with bikes, loud conversation and the ticking of cooling exhausts. The casualties of the trip were noted and explained, and they all piled inside to also stake a claim to a room, and order some food to warm the chilled bones and extremities.

    We'd all had our meals, and a head start in drinking (those who were) so while the last lot of food was being served, the Karaoke began. It's just as well the riding had been good that day, because the singing wasn't :LOL:. Our host provided a very passable Elvis interlude, but by and large there was a lot of enthusiasm, but few proper notes were hit, and as the night wore on the timing and beat became pretty irrelevant.

    I had to head back to the 'Gong early the next morning, so early to bed was also required.

    5:45 am was very quiet; I guess you know why :LOL:. As I was about to leave I made the unfortunate discovery that my electric hand warmers weren't; just as well I had taken my trusty "Black Ice" gloves! Off into the light mist and that weird pre-dawn light, scanning every side of the road for wildlfie as the brown paddocks provided perfect cover for an animal ambush. Fortunately, unlike the creature-carnage of the rest of the ride, I saw nothing alive except obedient sheep, and in no time at all I was at the "T"-junction on the Monaro Highway, with the sign pointing left to Cooma and right to Bega.

    I had been debating this for some time before it arrived, but the decision was surprisingly easy once it came time for it. Faced with the choice of a long boring ride into Canberra, and then a long boring ride down to the Clyde on the way to Bateman's Bay, and a short boring ride down to the top of Brown Mountain and then riding up the coast to home from Bega, the Hornet turned right, and I went with it.

    I've been riding and driving Brown Mountain for a long time, but the combination of early-morning light and an overnight shower made caution a better choice than setting records.

    The only garage in the actual town of Bega was still not open when I arrived, being in somewhat a state of flux, as it has been taken over by Caltex, and the transition has obviously not been completed yet. Fortunately local knowledge helped me out, as there is a garage on the southern outskirts of town that does open early. I was able to get fuel, AND advise the lady about heated grips and Black Ice gloves for her son, who, apparently, had had a very unpleasant trip in the cold a few weeks earlier.

    On very familiar roads, now, and still on an empty stomach, I pushed on quite quickly towards home, passing every opportunity for breakfast with a mental note that I'd stop and eat next time I fuelled up, or at the next town.

    Needless to say, I didn't.

    I arrived home at just on 11:00am; five hours from Bombala to Wollongong via Bega, including fuel stops.

    It was good to see the Melbourne crew again, but I must say, as someone remarked after the second Musketeers Ride, it's a long way to ride for a few twisties and some bad karaoke. Still, I'll probably do it again :).
  4. Good one Paul. Good motorcycling country around Bombala, especially the short stretch from Bombala back to the Snowy Mountains H'way.

    5 hours Bombala / W'gong........not in a hurry were you? :LOL:

  5. G'day Paul,

    There are actually four servos in Bega, including the two on the outskirst, one south and one north. The northern servo (Caltex) is opposite the cheese factory and is 24 hours if you use a card.

    Might save you next time :)
  6. :oops: of course, I didn't even think of that one. Thanks for the reminder :).
  7. So when did you sing Paul :p
  8. I'm pretty sure I heard Paul singing dancing queen :LOL:
  9. So THAT'S who it was!! :LOL: