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Another lurker intro

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by morgs, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Hi all, after plundering the site for info for the past few years I thought I'd better contribute. I live in the ACT, but not from there. Been riding since I was at school, so that's about 33 years now.
    Back on a Ducati, a Hypermotard, after a couple of years with a K12S. Awesome bike, very capable, and not very interactive IMHO.
    Favourite roads, Granya, Omea to Bruthen, Orbost to Delegate.
    See you about.

  2. Welcome to our little community! Back in the seventies when we started Canberra Road Racing Club, we had a sticker made which said "What Canberra needs is a road-racing circuit". Some wags soon figured out that some clever work with a razor blade would have it saying "Canberra is a road-racing circuit". Needless to say some of the ACT's less humorous cops took a dim view of that!
  3. Another lurker??

    What.. Is this the lurkers are us group?

    :) Welcome to NR...
  4. welcome aboard :]

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  5. Howdy and welcome to NR!
  6. Welcome morgsmorgs, and I must congratulate you on your exquisite taste in bikes.
  7. Hey Morgs sorry for the delay in the welcome. Lurking is like going to the ocean for a swim, always better and fresher when you take the plunge
    PS good choice on the wheels too