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Another lowside

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by henno, May 7, 2007.

  1. damn loose gravel on the road!!! i came around a corner close to work this morning and guess what :) down we went. why i decided to wear my summer jacket instead of my leathers i dont know! ive got bark off me everywhere. i was wearing tracksuit pants over my work shorts, what a bad mistake that was! for some reason i rode my bike to work,why i did i dont know, i never ride to work i always drive my ute. i am feeling shit house atm. what a magnificent slide 10/10 :)

    i went to my baby and nearly cried! i picked her up and looked at the damage and got really shitty. it had not even had a little scratch on it before today. it wouldn't start and even if it did the clutch is snapped off anyways. so i pushed it the next two blocks to work. went to the first aid room and got bandaged up and rang my wife. :roll: well didnt i get the third degree 'i told you not to get that bike blah blah blah', then i got the emotional thing, 'are you ok, are you hurt'. funny that huh, didnt even ask how i was first! so i got her to get my ute and trailer and come get me. i took it to dealership to get quote. im feeling really crappy right now but im lucky im still in one piece i suppose. well what a lovely day im having. how about you guys?
  2. Chin up, mate.

    Glad to hear you made it out more or less ok.

    Pity about the bike, but these things can be fixed.

    She'll be fixed and you'll be back on the road in no time :)
  3. No matte which way you look at it, Low side is better than high side (Just ask Loz)

    Heal up, you are what counts, the bike can be repaired.
  4. Sucks mate, but you are OK by the sound of it. It's funny I remember stacking my car when I was 19 and crapping myself about being yelled at by the old man, he was a bit of a tyrant, anyways when he came to see me he was as nice as pie. Sounds like your missus must like you :grin:
  5. sorry to hear that mate... no use kicking your self... go steal some candy off a kid... it'll make you feel better
  6. another upside is that i have got the day off work i suppose :) they are looking at it on wed, as long as the forks arnt bent, itll be ok. the handlebars are bent real badand a few minor things, so all the rest can wait i guess.
  7. sorry to hear henno.

    Hopefully the repairs are done soon so your back out there.
  8. No good. Hope u heal well. And the bike gets asap, without incuring draining the bank balance.
  9. No good. Hope u heal well. And the bike gets fixed asap, without incuring draining the bank balance.
  10. Chin up... Could've easily been lots worse! Remember to gear up when on the bike which I know no doubt you'll always do now! I'm helping you share the pain. Trying an opiate free day (still taking 'normal' pain killers) and it's giving me grief. Took me 3 hrs to get out of bed.. literally. heh. Tho, I did promise to myself I'd try a day without the oxycontin... Keeping me real :LOL:

    Well, hope you personally didn't suffer too bad, in injuries and with the bike..
  11. Why should I wear all my proper gear, huh?

    So you're in condition for the post-stack sympathy sex!
  12. Sorry to hear that mate, glad that your not to badly damaged though. Hope your bike is easily fixed.

    Where abouts did it happen?
  13. yeah not too much damage squash only a few scratches on fairing, its near naked so i got a few on engine which sucks. other than that its ok. handlebars are bent windshield cracked(only a little) clutch snapped, choke snapped and a scratch on fuel tank. i was hopin to go for the ride this weekend but it may be cancelled for me lol. it hapened at georgetown. the road behind maccas. were working on the coles shopping centre up the road. i have skin off my arse,down the side of my left leg,left arm and hand. hurts a little but im fine. my summer riding jacket isnt so good now. im lucky i went down on the left side otherwise the exaust could be stuffed.

    squash i was going to ask u if u wanted to come along up the bucketts this weekend. i think nathan and dom are still goin
  14. Same thing happened to me at christmas about 50m from my work, new bike as well. At least you have insurance unlike i did :(

    Good to see youre ok though.
  15. Sorry mate - I know exactly what you are feeling like right now :(

    As so many people said to me, and they were right, at least you're OK - you can lose some skin and it can sting like a biatch, but you haven't busted yourself up to badly and they can fix the bike. If not, it can be replaced.

    I also know that after you've calmed down, realise you're personally OK, the fact that you busted your bike is going hurt a whoel lot more. But one thing is no matter how upset you are at breaking the bike, you can't turn the clock back.

    Chin up buddy.......
  16. Good to hear nothings broken, hope you heal up quick. Your bike sounds a little worse off than I expected though. Bent handlebars. :eek: That sucks mate. Next time you'll have to learn how to support the bike as your sliding along underneath it. :wink:

    I would have been keen as long as its not Sun, I've been offered Double Time which I can't refuse.
  17. Sorry to hear it henno. :cry:
    Sending you get well wishes..hope you and your bike are back into it again soon.
  18. You're alright. The bike is fixable. your wife loves you.

    The world is good.

    Itching in uncomfortable places as the scabs heal, maybe, but still good.
  19. Sucks to be you when you have a shower OUCH. Road rash really stings when it gets wet.
    Gravel on the road is nasty. You don't even have to be doing anything silly for it to catch you out. Take care and good luck with the missus and ... hope you get your bike back good as new soon.
  20. Bad luck henno, you should know that tracksuit pants are only to be worn at the track :wink:
    Hope you heal well and soon.