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another low cost camera mount

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Blodders, May 16, 2007.

  1. Well I finally got around to making a camera mount. I was on a stringent budget … $0. I spent a few week collecting and scrounging all the parts that I was going to need.

    Old steel ‘L’ bracket
    Flat piece of thin steel from a the mounting bracket of a cheap screwdriver set
    2 x Rubber washers from a the mounting bracket of a cheap screwdriver set
    Push bike light mount
    Small nut and bolt
    And a tripod camera bolt (Dad’s a photographer)

    The original plan was to mount the camera to the frame of the VTR… but due to the lack of tools and poor planing the mount is now located on my handle bars… might still fix it so that I can mount it on the frame

    Here is a quick cad model that I whipped up


    Will post a few pics (hopefully) tonight.

    Here is the first test from it. I was using a cheap Kodak still camera with a video feature.
    Can you spot the cop car :)

  2. Missed the cop car but you didnt stop at the stop sign :)
  3. nice and relatively vibration free :)

    but i couldnt watch all the way through, the amount of traffic was too frightening :LOL:
  4. every time i exelerated the did video get a little fuzzy... it's only trial one
    i will (take it out the weekend) a give it a proper test
    one with less traffic for you :)
  5. looks good, was the cop car on the other side of the intersection you got a red light on? and what was that guy with the bicycle doing?
  6. yep spot on i didn't see it till i was half way across the intercetion
    as for the kid there is a school on the right of that intercetion
  7. The image was really clear and i am surprised with the lack of wind noise on your microphone! Missed the cop car but saw the bicycle doing a mono. :D
  8. Been wondering about how you would deal with the excessive vibrations from a v-twin if mounting a camera. Been thinking of doing it on the Tuono.

    Not sure if there's anyway you could get a floating mount? Or excessive amounts of rubber padding?! Tricky one.
  9. that was a great quality picture. even though it was just a quick blockey i could really feel the ride... and was nervous about the slightly wet roads.

    post up a proper trip, when you do it, will be good watchin methinks
  10. tight arse... save your pennies i have reunion tour to vic with a laptop camera and drinking.....

    Speeking of vich i have plugins to download... +10 on the camera mount!